Young Mum Set To Have Major Surgery As Her Skull Is Too Small For Her Brain

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Lucy Phillips who has just undergone major surgery on her skull which is too small for her brain.

Hairdresser Lucy Phillips, 29, was suffering from headaches and tiredness but put it down to overworking at her new salon.

‘Calculating’ Ian Stewart Found GUILTY Of Murdering Author Helen Bailey

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Helen Bailey, 51, with Ian Stewart

Stewart, 56, attempted to take 51-year-old Bailey’s wealth by drugging her and hiding her body in cesspit

“A Bag Of Bones” : Abandoned Lurcher Is One Of The Skinniest Dogs The RSPCA Have Ever Seen

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Snoopy the dog

The emaciated young lurcher, nicknamed Snoopy, was just “a bag of bones” when she was found collapsed by the carriageway by passing motorists.

WATCH : Swans Cause Chaos By Waddling Into Path Of Oncoming Vehicles In Lincoln

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Video footage shows one bird standing patiently by the barriers before another waddles into a car’s path once the gate is lifted to join him.

Baby Has To Wear Breathing Mask Because Parent’s Flat Is Covered In Black Mould

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Steve Chester with 10 month old Archie and partner Keely Bacon at their flat

Steve Chester, 28, moved into the flat three years ago with partner Keely Bacon, and says damp and black mould have been a continuous problem ever since.

Music Teacher Makes Bespoke Ukelele For Gifted Girl Born With One Arm

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11-year-old St Aidan's pupil Helena Pye who has a ukulele specially adapted for her

Plucky Helena Pye, eleven, was born with her left arm stunted at the elbow, leaving her unable to fulfill her dream of playing an instrument

Elephants Give Themselves Refreshing Dust Bath In Amazing Pictures In India’s National Park

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These super-cute photos show a herd of wild elephants having a bath - by spraying themselves with DIRT

The gentle giants were spotted by wildlife photographer Prakhar Krishnan on a trip to Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India.

WATCH : £20K Range Rover Nearly Washed Out To Sea After Trying To Launch Rib

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This is the moment the hapless driver of a £20K Range Rover Evoque almost lost their prized motor after reversing down muddy banks

The four-wheel drive vehicle can be seen slipping and sliding in the harbourside mud

Giant Playmobil Figure That Had Its Arm Stolen Has Been Given New Home – With Three-Year-Old Born With One Arm

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Nathan Hopkins with his son Harry who was born with only part of his left arm, poses next to to Sven a 5 foot Playmobil boy which had its arm stolen

The massive 5ft toy had stood outside the store for years but was left damaged when its right limb was stolen overnight.

Shock As Police Pull Body From Lake On University Of Birmingham Campus In Front Of Students

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Police have cordoned off a scene near the University of Birmingham

Emergency services dashed to the scene at Edgebaston Park Road in Birmingham at 3.30pm yesterday

World’s Oldest Person With Downs Syndrome Celebrates Milestone 77th Birthday

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Kenny Cridge pictured during his time at Wisteria House in Tintinhull, near Yeovil the care home when he has spent the last 6 years.

Kenny Cridge was born in 1939 and doctors initially thought he was stillborn when he arrived with his twin sister Dorothy.

Police Searching Home Of Murderer Christopher Halliwell For More Bodies

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Christopher Halliwell.

Evil Halliwell was last year convicted of fatally stabbing and strangling Becky Godden, 20, in 2003 and handed a full-life jail term at Bristol Crown Court.

Entrepreneur Vows To Raise £2,000 To Hand Out To Homeless After Cambridge Student burns £20 Note

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Owen Barrow and Lee Nicolaou.

Lee Nicolaou, 23, wants to raise the cash after being disgusted by the footage of first-year law student Ronald Coyne trying to light a £20 note.

‘I Love Animals’ : Cruel Yob Caught On CCTV Kicking And Stamping On His Dog During Drunken Attack

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CCTV of a cruel thug caught stamping on his pet dog during 30 minute drunken rampage.

Evil Richard Cheshire, 34, was captured on CCTV kicking the cowering pooch in a lift before giving a thumbs up for the camera.

Man Discovers He Has Terminal Skin Cancer Caused By – Stubbing His TOE

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Roland Monger.

Roland Monger, 36, was walking to work in the snow in 2009 when he slipped and broke his ankle leaving his foot in a plaster cast with his toe exposed.

Sisters Defy Odds To Give Birth To First Boys In Family For 50 YEARS – At The Same Hospital Just An HOUR Apart

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Leanne Walters left with Freddie, Lisa Harmel right with Liam

Nursery worker Leanne Walters, 25, and bartender Lisa Harmel, 22, stunned midwives when they went into labour on the same day in adjacent rooms.

Obscure Metal Band Come Up With What Could Be Briatin’s Most Offensive T-Shirt

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Death metal act Burning The Dream L to R Richy Paton, Rowan Petch,Paul Kelly, Iain Docherty, Greig Sills.

Death metal act Burning The Dream launched the merchandise last year in the lead-up to their debut performance — and the item quickly sold out.