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  1. Thug puts on a Jamaican RASTA wig before robbing a woman outside her home
  2. Mum-of-four found a dead bug inside a jar of Dorito’s salsa dip
  3. Average person has one break up, five take-away meals and three romps… in their CAR
  4. Woman, 20, born with one ARM becomes a beauty queen
  5. Surf war at David Cameron’s favourite beach as local is TORPEDOED by tourist’s board
  6. UKIP candidate quits after party is infiltrated by angel-worshiping OCCULT
  7. Theatre removes Rolf Harris self-portrait that had been on a DRESSING ROOM wall
  8. Police seize 1,200 containers of killer nitrous oxide party drug in Shoreditch in one NIGHT
  9. Prince Harry photobombs New Zealand rugby coaches at the Commonwealth Games
  10. Wedding venue manager stole couples’ deposits to pay for cocaine and debts
  11. Pensioner stunned after finding exotic SNAKE in the toilet bowl
  12. Santander refuses to give circus troupe a business account because their burlesque costumes are ‘immoral’
  13. Pervert used a hidden iPod to film female colleagues on the toilet
  14. Maiden over! Teenage schoolgirl, 15, breaks record for cricket’s best score by a female bowler
  15. Palamedes PR to release a series of eBooks on industry secrets
  16. Curvy women have better sex than skinny girls, researchers find
  17. Yobs spray paint a seagull YELLOW as a Tour de France prank
  18. Drunk driver reversed a mile in the wrong direction on M6… to avoid the toll charge
  19. Teacher who hugged, tickled and bought pupils TEDDY BEARS is banned for life
  20. Young BNP fanatic falls out with his own pet dog… ‘because it is gay’
  21. Different Types of Bank Risks and Banking Complications
  22. Heartbreaking moment a family of regal swans are killed after getting trapped in concrete weir
  23. Boy, 7, critical after being hit by a van as he played on his scooter
  24. Cannibal nurse GUILTY of arranging to meet teenager and chop off her head with an AXE
  25. Police hunt for ‘floppy-haired’ thug who fractured teenager’s skull outside club
  26. Grandfather, 63, claims he cured liver cancer with CANNABIS OIL
  27. Scrap metal dealers stunned after receiving a huge £2,000 steel COFFIN
  28. Three parking spaces in Mayfair available to rent for £1/4 MILLION
  29. Coronation street star Michael Le Vell in talks to appear in Celebrity Big Brother
  30. Rock and Rolls! Elvis Presley’s former LIMO set to sell for £180,000
  31. Property tycoon fined £100k after hosting rowdy parties in his 13th century castle
  32. Female rowing club’s naked calendar banned from Facebook after being branded ‘pornography’
  33. Labrador video-bombs BBC Breakfast presenter by taking a WEE behind her
  34. Premature baby girl is so small her mother has to dress her in TEDDY BEAR clothes
  35. Beach bum! Stunning model starts her own heatwave with Britain’s first surf festival… for WOMEN
  36. Friends branded racist after ‘blacking up’ as Venus and Serena Williams for carnival parade
  37. Muslim Tesco worker refused to sell a customer HAM and WINE during Ramadan
  38. Desperate Housewives star Terri Hatcher to appear in I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’
  39. Jeremy Kyle PEPPER SPRAYED in Magaluf while filming documentary about ‘depraved’ resort
  40. Teacher banned from the classroom after being caught in a £30,000 COCAINE deal