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  4. Comedienne Helen Lederer admits she HATES doing stand-up
  5. Family Foods Ltd launches UK’s newest brand of Manuka honey ‘superfood’
  6. Morrisons apologises to 89-year-old poppy seller forced into the cold outside shop
  7. Dentist, 48, ‘asked teenager to take off her bra then fondled her breasts during check up’
  8. Car rolls down a hill in the world’s biggest ZORB
  9. Three surfers killed after getting caught in rip tide at Cornwall
  10. Unlimited calls home offered to British travellers and expats
  11. Physical metal Bitcoins launched in the UK for the first time
  12. Boy, 15, tried to extinguish firework by putting it in his MOUTH
  13. Teacher sent home on her first day for having tattoos posed NUDE when she was 18
  14. UK buy-to-let property index launched by LendInvest
  15. Chalets Direct revamped to celebrate 15th anniversary
  16. Sensor Access Technology launches integrated biometric solutions
  17. Technology continues to change the face of business
  18. PurchaseSeal launches online trust service for UK eCommerce
  19. Survey reveals the UK’s BIGGEST office pet peeves
  20. Couple jailed for using lorries to smuggle illegal immigrants OUT of Britain
  21. Parents furious at Disney’s Frozen t-shirt showing Esla ‘flicking the v-sign’
  22. Vote Lola in X Factor! What stunned drivers saw on digital road signs tampered with by highways officials
  23. Finding joy in your job
  24. Medical standards come first for London’s American Cosmetic Surgery
  25. JobLogic take on the Great Birmingham Run
  26. A solicitor is the best option when making a Will
  27. CRM Consultancy Collier Pickard Ltd Merge with Alcas Ltd
  28. Lombard Risk announces the release Of Colline v12
  29. New novel touches world developments with startling accuracy
  30. Stoptober: The financial benefits of vaping over cigarettes
  31. Troubled newlyweds scrapped their honeymoon to appear on JEREMY KYLE
  32. Benedict Cumberbatch pictured in new role as Richard III
  33. Stunning new Banksy is vandalised within hours of appearing in Bristol
  34. Facebook launches ‘Safety Check’ for people caught in disasters and accidents
  35. EcoPowerSupplies announces 6 – 9% discount on Eaton UPS systems
  36. Teacher create’s world’s most extreme maths lesson… skydiving, climbing and swimming with SHARKS
  37. Rescue dog dubbed the ‘wimpiest pooch in Britain’ struggling to find a new home
  38. Sun bed addict, 19, spends £1k a month and visits FOUR salons a DAY
  39. Actor and musician Christopher Guard appoints Palamedes PR
  40. Woman, 21, becomes Britain’s youngest ever mother of consecutive sets of twins