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Moonfruit takes on Squarespace with relaunch and integrates Lobster’s social media image search

March 17, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Moonfruit, the London-based website building platform, has relaunched its service by introducing a range of new features including third-party apps, a social media image search and improved chat-based support. Back in 1999, if you needed a website, you either hired a designer or bought a massive book with a CD strapped inside. This was until…

Baby Born With Organs Outside Her Body Saved After Being Wrapped In CLINGFILM

March 16, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Jade Adams, 20, was told at her 12-week scan that her unborn baby likely had birth defect gastroschisis which meant her abdomen wasn’t forming properly.

Cakesmiths supports fundraising effort for UK Coffee Week & Project Waterfall

March 16, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Cakesmiths, the coffee shop cake specialist, is joining the fundraising effort for UK Coffee Week by becoming official cake sponsor and Project Waterfall partner. UK Coffee Week is a charitable fundraising week where coffee shops and coffee lovers across the UK come together to support Project Waterfall – a charity that brings clean water and…

Heart Breaking Last Lecture By Teacher Robbed Of Voice By Degenerative Disorder

March 16, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Paul Norman, 58, was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2004, forcing him to retire from his job as an English teacher.

Young Lad Who Could Recite The Alphabet At Two Wants To Be An Astronaut

March 16, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

The schoolboy is a brilliant scientist and is setting his sights on becoming an astronaut when he grows up.

How to Beat a DUI Charge

March 15, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

A DUI conviction can result in jail time, community service, the loss of your driver’s license, and a considerable fine; not mention the potential loss of your livelihood. However, there are ways to avoid a criminal conviction for driving under the influence. Utilize Your Right to Remain Silent The US Constitution grants suspected offenders with…

The Top Classic Cars of all Time

March 15, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

To some, cars are a means to get from point A to point B, but to others it is a lifestyle. People dedicate their free time and money to purchasing old cars and rebuilding them from scrap, adding in modifications that will turn an everyday run of the mill car into a showstopper, different and…

A weak information security culture means your organization is vulnerable

March 15, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

With the marked increase in cyber attacks and ever tighter legislation around data privacy it’s imperative that organisations prioritise security activities and interventions. Typically, organisations tend to focus on awareness of security but fail to change behaviour. Unless the behaviour of every individual in the group is modified, the interventions will not reduce the risk…

Man Recovers Camera That Spent Six Months In The Sea – And Tracks Down Owner From Photos

March 15, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Tony Howard, 49, was out looking for shells with his two daughters when he spotted the badly-battered Nikon washed up among rocks.

Rugby Player Back On The Pitch Nearly Two Years After His Last Game – When He Was PARALYSED In A Tackle

March 15, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Zac France, 23, was told he might never walk again when he was left without feeling in half his body after he injured his spinal cord when he landed on his neck.

Four-Year-Old Girl Fighting For Her Life After Cough Turned Out To Be Cancer

March 15, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Daisy Wigginton was struck down with cold-like symptoms and her parents gave her Calpol and nursed her at home.

Gifted Lad Set To Become One Of The World’s Youngest Orchestra Conductors – AGED 11

March 14, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Talented Matthew Smith is a Grade 5 standard violinist and also plays the guitar, drums, piano and viola.

Mum Fuming That Son’s School Forced Him To Start Shaving Every Day From 12-Years-Old Because He Had Stubble

March 14, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Kim Wright, 34, said Astor College demanded Connor-Jay shave daily, from the age of just 12, despite him being too young to buy razor blades.

Are We Heading For A Public Sector Brain Drain?

March 13, 2017 | by | 1 Comment

Are we heading for a Public Sector brain drain? The activation date for IR35 is fast approaching and Cedar Recruitment asked over 140 current public service contractors about their readiness for the new legislation. The new law will hold public sector clients responsible for ensuring the compliance of their contractors. Additionally there is widespread suspicion…

Comic Book Mega Fan Changes Middle Name To SUPERMAN After Collecting World’s Largest Collection Of Memorabilia

March 13, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Marco Superman Zorzin, 30, currently has a staggering, 2,000 strong collection including a 6ft 10in tall statue of the superhero.

Amateur Photographer Captures Stunning Shots Of A Barn Owl In Norfolk

March 13, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

The amazing set of pictures of one of Britain’s iconic hunters was taken by an amateur wildlife snapper in Norfolk.

Mum Hosts Exhibition Of Son’s Secret Artwork – Which She Unearthed After He Died Of An Overdose

March 10, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Troubled Michael Freeman, 34, suffered a fatal heroin overdose following a two-decade battle with mental health issues and addiction.