9 Things Your Child Needs To Know For Less SATs Stress

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Year after year we’ve seen shocking headlines of 11 year olds smoking to handle the stress and statistics that make parents cringe. Last May the BBC’s Newsround show reported that nearly 9 in 10 children feel pressure to do well and 39% said they felt worried. Here are 9 things your child needs to know…

Beauty bookings made easy with the Book Your Lifestyle App

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Book Your Lifestyle’s latest app release allows customers to book their beauty treatments anytime – anywhere, in a matter of seconds. With lots of beauty gifts along the way, Book Your Lifestyle now offers a more rewarding way to book beauty treatments on-the-go and manage your beauty calendar in one handy place. In addition to the…

Forgetful Brits Waste £144 Million A Year on Forgotten Holiday Items

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Holidaymakers are leaving themselves seriously out of pocket after a new survey revealed that Brits waste an astonishing £144 million a year on replacing items they’ve forgotten to take away with them on holiday. Over half of UK households (53%) admitted to forgetting to pack an essential holiday item when they went away on their…

Ahoy there and welcome aboard a unique holiday destination on the North Norfolk coast

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The Wild Duck at Heacham in Norfolk, offers visitors a unique place to stay while enjoying the fantastic North Norfolk coast. Famous for its big skies and wide sandy beaches, this part of the county has a great deal to offer families, those looking for a romantic getaway or looking to do a bit of…

How Technology is changing the world as we know it!

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The wheels of progress are always in motion and the changes ushered in by technology can’t be stopped, only embraced and tweaked to serve us better

3 Technologies Vital to Project Management

April 5, 2017 | by | 1 Comment

There isn’t a business on earth that couldn’t benefit from better project management skills, whether it involves building a multi-story sky scraper or hiring new recruits to work the sales floor. Literally everything you do could roughly be classified as a ‘project’ and should therefore be organized in such a way as to be redundant…

Music in the News: Science Proves It Really Is Getting Worse

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For a few generations now, parents have been screaming at their children to turn down the noise and amid angry protests, kids turned it down a few decibels, if that! You will hear people saying that today’s music isn’t music at all and that it isn’t what it used to be. With so many others,…

Collectively contact your customers and get a response

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Giving industry professionals an edge over their competition with text message marketing

Join In The Fair Trade Fiesta & Parade Fun This Spring And Support The Crowdfunding Campaign

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World Fair Trade Day this year, Saturday 13 May, Hand Up Events has launched an exciting and concerted crowdfunding project on Crowdfunder UK, to raise money for the Fair Trade Fiesta Concert and Parade offering people a chance to pledge money and secure rewards including VIP tickets for a Red Hot Chilli Pipers concert*; a…

Ex-HM Force Members Spearhead Bid For eLearning Success

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The Spearhead Story Too many companies put themselves, their staff and their customers at risk, simply because they don’t have the right skills and knowledge to achieve excellence within their organisation. This is a fact that John Loveday and Paul Hood were well aware of on leaving Her Majesty’s Forces, and they decided to do…

The fascinating world of QR codes and the QRcrazy.co website

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An exciting look at QR code innovation and just about everything to do with QR codes – all from a website called QRcrazy.co. And that’s because what they do with QR codes is kinda crazy – QR codes of every style, color and design. They offer QR codes that have a logo or picture uploaded…

Urgent Channel Summit Raises Awareness of GDPR Sales Opportunities as Deadline for Compliance Looms

March 29, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Event to be Held at Manchester Art Gallery, 25th May 2017 from 08:30-16:30 The countdown clock to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is ticking fast and with less than 14 months left until it comes into full force we continue to see a growth in data breaches and fines. The Reseller channel has a huge…

How To Move Your Pets Abroad

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For most of us our pets are our family and we can’t possibly imagine taking up the dream to relocate and leaving our beloved pets behind. However, it doesn’t mean the process is a straight forward one. There are legal requirements, paperwork that needs to be completed, processes need to be thought through and then…

New Study Reveals that getting a new Mattress can Reduce Stress

March 25, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

A recent study shows that people tend to sleep much better and even suffer less back pain when they sleep on a new mattress. This study was conducted by Oklahoma State University, titled “Back Pain, Sleep Quality and Perceived Stress Following Introduction of New Bedding Systems.” Bert Jacobson, who is the lead researcher and head…

Do Organic Beds really offer a Healthier Night’s Sleep?

March 24, 2017 | by | 2 Comments

There is no doubt that the word “organic” has become synonymous with health, especially when it comes to food. But these days a lot of mattress businesses have started announcing the huge benefits of “organic” mattresses for adults and even babies. There are even some model mattresses that are made with soybeans, infused with green…

Emergency Contacts You Must Have On Your Phone

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Your smartphone may be filled with games, photo editors and social networking apps, but all that will mean little when misfortune or an emergency comes knocking on your doors. As these things seldom call before coming in, you just have to be prepared for them in advance to control a bad situation before it gets…

Inaugural National Tea Day Festival taking place in London on the 21st of April

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The National Tea Day Festival is taking place at Kensington Roof Gardens on the 21st of April with guests having the chance to join tea tastings, celebrity baking masterclasses as well as learn about the origins of tea in the UK. A host of tea brands will be giving out samples at the event including…