Are cloud computer scares a dying trend?

Are Cloud Computing Scares a Dying Trend?

March 17, 2016 | by | 0 Comments

In recent months a number of serious issues have emerged with the cloud services of some major companies and organisations – and that’s caused some to question the safety of this technology.

Gypsumtools secures distribution rights for Plasterspot

September 2, 2015 | by | 0 Comments
Plasterspot is now stocked by Gypsumtools Traditionally, when installing down lighting, sockets and switches on a freshly plastered wall, the job of ensuring that dangerous ...

Starting Your Own Online Gambling Business

July 29, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
Starting an online gambling busines Tired of working for someone else and dreaming of your own profitable business – consider a possibility of starting up ...

Rubbastuff Appoints Palamedes PR

June 20, 2015 | by | 0 Comments
The PACMAT range of products have been widely praised Rubbastuff has tasked the consumer agency with the promotion of its acclaimed PACMAT range of products.

Author and Human Rights Campaigner Laura Aslan Appoints Palamedes PR

June 20, 2015 | by | 0 Comments
Ms Aslan has instructed the London-based agency to handle the launch of her memoirs, which candidly disclose her kidnapping in ...

5 Reasons to Do Your MBA Online Instead of On Campus

September 22, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
A Masters in Business Administration – or MBA as it’s most usually referred to – is without a doubt one ...

Lombard Risk announces the release Of Colline v12

October 22, 2014 | by | 0 Comments
Lombard Risk Management plc is a leading provider of integrated collateral management.

Coming of age-21 facts to mark eBay’s 21st birthday

September 21, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
This month, eBay turns 21. To celebrate, the online marketplace has launched its first UK Retail Report – opening up ...

England’s nursing shortage expected to last for four more years

September 20, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
Many countries are facing a nursing shortage, and the high demand for qualified nurses is encouraging more people to attend ...

A World First! A Website that allows you to make contact with the Dead!

September 18, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
A World First – A Website that allows you to make contact with the Dead! is a website that ...

Cat nest for a catnap

September 15, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
nest A paw-sitively relaxing creation for cats – as if they don’t relax enough! Lili Giacobino, a designer based in Kingston, ...

Invacare launches new inspirational video

September 13, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
Global brand leader Invacare is proud to announce the release of its new inspirational video designed to inspire and empower ...

Saving the climate with delicious food: Award-winning restaurant app vanillabean comes to Britain

September 13, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
phone Plant-based food has become one of the biggest trends in the food industry. Due to massive savings in CO2 and water ...

INNOETICS launches VoiceCrafts, the world’s first synthetic voice marketplace

September 13, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
innoetics INNOETICS, a company specializing in text-to-speech synthesis, has launched the VoiceCrafts platform at the Interspeech 2016 Conference in San Francisco. ...

New campfire-inspired course helps micro businesses get in the press

September 13, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
campfire A business mum on a mission to help other small business owners and sole traders has created a new online ...

Million Dollar Idea

September 12, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
Jimmy A tech-savvy student reckons he can become a millionaire and fund treatment for his chronically-ill mum – by raking in ...

Rainer Zietlow Smashes Another World Record in Exide-Powered Vehicle

September 12, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
WW Exide-sponsored driver Rainer Zietlow has recorded a new Eurasian world record. The 15,145km journey started in Magadan in east Russia ...

Teasenz Disrupts The UK Tea Supply Chain

September 9, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
tea Chinese tech startups might be still leading the news headlines today, but agricultural startups are making their way up. Teasenz, China’s ...

Global Pricing Innovations and Partners4Access announce a Strategic Partnership to deliver integrated price and access solutions for pharmaceutical launch success

September 9, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
Strategic partnership formed to support collaboration and innovation. The Core focus is ‘Orphan Drug Solutions’ & Price and Access through ...

Virgin Atlantic campaign inspired by British Airways startup

September 7, 2016 | by | 0 Comments
out of office Virgin Atlantic and Richard Branson are inadvertently supporting a British Airways startup with their new #GetOutOfOffice advertising campaign. The Virgin ...