Natalie Nason was bullied at school but is now a beauty queen champion

Cheerleader who was bullied at school over a growth on her face is crowned a beauty queen champion

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Natalie Nason, 21, suffered cruel taunts during her teenage years.

Korean cosmetic surgery: So drastic it changes people beyond recognition

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Korean plastic surgery often aims to make the patient look more western Many need a certificate after to prove their identity.

Holidays in the UK cost MORE than travelling abroad

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Visiting the beach is an ideal summer activity in Britain Nearly three quarters of Brits say they are staying put this summer.

How to Beat a DUI Charge

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A DUI conviction can result in jail time, community service, the loss of your driver’s license, and a considerable fine; ...

How to choose bridal flowers for a wedding

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Choosing the right bridal flowers for the big day is never easy It’s important to select colours that will reflect the day’s overall tone.

Princess Anne – Princess of Britain

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“Yes, of course” she said as she tilted her head to hold the phone, when asked if she would say ...

How to Become a Nurse Practitioner

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How do I become a nurse practitioner? If you’re wondering, then you’re in the right place. Nurse practitioners are registered ...

On-the-Go Beauty Tips for Travelling

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makeup-1024x678 With January being prime time for booking your next holiday, you might be looking for new and exciting beauty products ...

British Muslims Spread Universal Message of Peace with Bus Campaign

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muslim To coincide with one of the most auspicious months of the Islamic calendar and part of a number of events ...

Bingo For A Cause

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game We at GameVillage ensure that every month, amidst all the fun and frolic; we do not miss out on doing ...

Getting to Know More About Emotional Intelligence and Work Performance

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emot Did you know that an employee’s emotional intelligence greatly influences the way that employee behaves and performs at work? Recent ...

Larry Page and Alphabet: What’s Next?

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1 Among the many executives who have been leading the mobile revolution is Larry Page, the founder and CEO of Alphabet ...

Prince Harry Returns To Nevis On Official Royal Visit

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harry Nevis is delighted to welcome Prince Harry back to the island where he holidayed as a boy with his mother, ...

Baroness Cox Narrowly Escapes Deadly Ambush In Nigeria

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baroness Baroness Caroline Cox, U.S Bishop Stuart Ruch III, and Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust CEO Corinna Loges narrowly escaped a potentially ...

Kind-Hearted Schoolgirl Donates All Her Diwali Money To Royal British Legion After Poppy Tin Was Stolen

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Aneya Chauhan, 8, of Enderby, Leicester, who has donated all her Diwali cash to the BRL Poppy campaign after hearing that a charity box was stolen.  See NTI story NTIGIFT.  A big-hearted little girl has donated her Diwali money to the Royal British Legion after hearing about the theft of a poppy collection tin.  Eight-year-old Aneya Chauhan heard earlier this month that a man had been caught on CCTV stealing the tin from a shop in Loughborough, which is thought to have contained between £30 and £40.  The schoolgirl, who enjoys raising money for charity all year round, told her dad, Jignesh, that she wanted to give her £40 Diwali present to the legion.  She said: "My grandparents gave me the money for Diwali and I wanted to donate it to the Poppy Appeal because I like helping people and they help soldiers and soldiers' families.  "I was going to buy some pencil cases with it but I thought about it and talked with Dad and I said I wanted to give it away." Earlier this month, a lowlife thief was caught on CCTV wandering into a corner shop and stealing the tin containing ...

Pole Dancer Who Became The Face Of Organ Donation Reveals She Has Just Months To Live

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Cystic fibrosis sufferer Kirstie Tancock, pictured here aged 21, who has shared her battle with cystic fibrosis. Now 27 the former pole dancer has revealed she has only months left to live. See SWNS story SWPOLE; A pole dancer who became the face of organ donation after starring in a documentary 'Love on the Transplant List' has revealed she has just months to live. In a heartbreaking blog, Kirstie Tancock says she has suffered her second chronic rejection and is now too ill to receive a third lifesaving operation. The inspiration 27-year-old is now preparing to leave hospital and spend her final days at home in Honiton, Devon, with husband Stuart and the rest of her friends and family. Kirstie, who has been credited with playing a key role in getting more people to become organ donors, wrote in her blog that she has come to terms with her fate and just hopes she left her mark on the world. Kirstie Tancock says she has suffered her second chronic rejection and is now too ill to receive a third lifesaving ...

Puppy Saves Life Of Unborn Baby

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swns_misscarriage_puppy_05 Jade Ambrose was 33 weeks pregnant and asleep when she was awoken by hero hound Lola who started barking

Nine-Year-Old Boy Finally Takes His First Steps And Achieves His Dream Of Walking With His Twin Brother

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Marcus McCarthy (L) with his twin brother Jacob McCarthy  both 9 outside thier home in Southend Essex. See Masons copy MNWALK: A nine-year-old boy who dreamed of walking with his twin brother has finally taken his first steps. Marcus McCarthy didn't have the strength to stand on his own two feet after being born with cerebral palsy which caused his muscles to stiffen. Although his twin Jacob tried to help him with things he couldn't manage, Marcus was forced to watch on as his brother reached all the usual milestones. Marcus McCarthy didn’t have the strength to stand on his own two feet after being born with cerebral palsy

Five-Year-Old Boy Saves Family From House Blaze Thanks To Mickey Mouse Toy

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Robin Gunnett (5) who saved his family from a house fire by hitting them with his Mickey Mouse soft toy.  A heroic five-year-old boy saved his family’s life when he raised the alarm to a raging fire in their home – by hitting his dad on the head with a MICKEY MOUSE toy.  See NTI story NTIHERO.  Quick-thinking Robin Gunnett realised something was horribly wrong and ran to dad Andrew’s room to alert him of the fire which was tearing through the upstairs of the house.  The brave youngster went into his parents room at around 8.30am on October 24 to wake up Andrew, 43, and his pregnant wife Carla, 22, who were horrified to see flames engulfing the landing.  Andrew quickly grabbed Robin and his three-year-old brother Matthew and fled the house, before going back in to rescue his two girls, 10-month-old Carrie-Ann and two-year-old Sarah-Ann.  Amazingly, the family remained unharmed and were treated for smoke inhalation. Little Robin Gunnett woke up after smelling smoke coming from the airing cupboard upstairs and dashed into his parents’ room ...

8 Effective Tips to Decide Whether or not you’re looking at a Pension Scam

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There are definitely some tips that you will need to keep in mind when it comes to avoiding a pension ...

Radio presenter horrified to find her picture being used on fake social media and dating profiles “looking for fun”

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Emma Louise Jones, 26, of Hull a radio presenter for Viking FM The fake profiles suggested that Emma Louise Jones is looking to share “great times”