Alex Keel pictured during a healthy spell between transplants. See SWNS story SWLIVER: A 29-year-old woman is seeking her FOURTH liver in five years after her body attacked the first three. Alexandra Keel suffers from a rare, chronic condition called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, which causes liver failure. It turns her skin yellow with jaundice, makes her uncontrollably itchy, causes her to vomit constantly and has made her lose almost THREE STONE. But she was a "completely normal" young woman until she was diagnosed with the condition in 2011 - which would be fatal if left untreated.

Friends Crowdfunding For Young Woman Seeking Her FOURTH Liver In Five Years

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Alexandra Keel suffers from a rare condition called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, which causes liver failure.

Do Different Colours Really Help You Sleep? 5 Colours You Need in the Bedroom

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Colours in the bedroom can affect sleeping Sleep can be affected by many factors in life such as stress, hunger or, as many of us can attest, ...

Buddhist monk is best friends with baby cow after rescuing it

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Pracha Thammanart with the baby calf he rescued Pracha Thammanart , 40, found the new-born calf starving in a field after its mother died during labor.

Vaping scene on the rise as e-cig culture booms

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The vaping scene is booming Made up of those who simply love to vape, this new trend has led to the introduction of the vape ...

Why it pays to be prepared for any kind of natural disaster

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Be prepared for any kind of natural disaster Global warming is continuously causing natural calamities and disasters today and keeping up with the right technology can definitely help ...

Couple heartbroken after cat they spent £6k rescuing from Egypt’s Arab Spring violence runs away

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preview Railton and Dawn Elliott fell in love with tabby ‘Omar’ and spent £6k bringing him home to Britain.

Michael Jackson impersonator appears in court charged with beating his wife

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Keith Preddie, 41, was Britain’s first impersonator of the star but appeared in court yesterday.

New novel touches world developments with startling accuracy

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The book encompasses two stories which come together as one, and all in a 24 hour period. An energy-desperate China ...

Health Visitor’s Advice Ignored Months Before Tot’s Brutal Killing By Stepdad

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Baby Kieron Barley Tragic 22-month-old Kieron Barley died after evil Craig Lewis violently shook him and then threw his lifeless body against his ...

Bungling Police Officers Tasered Their Own Black Race Relations Advisor In The Face

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This is the shocking moment Judah Adunbi was tasered in the face by a police officer in Bristol The victim can be heard in the video saying: “I’m not telling you my name. I’ve done no wrong

Dying Gran Blasts Hospital After Being Forced To Stay For 14 Hours Overnight – In A Hospital ‘CUPBOARD’ With No Windows

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Paulette Robinson. Retired nurse Paulette Robinson, 68, who has terminal end stage emphysema, was admitted to the medical assessment unit on Sunday

Incredible £420,000-plus Rolls-Royce hearse unveiled

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What a way to go… car fans can make their final journey in style with this incredible Rolls-Royce HEARSE. Italian ...

Convicted Prostitute Jailed After Breaching Her ASBO – By Visiting Her 90-Year-Old Sugar Daddy

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Recent police mugshot of Terri-Lee Pearce. Terri-Lee Pearce, 33, has been repeatedly banned from visiting Allan Thipthorpe at his council flat.

Eight-Year-Old Just One Week From Death After Doctors Missed Orange-Sized Tumour – Before Mum Diagnosed Daughter Herself

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Darcey Fletcher who was dying from an undiagnosed brain tumour when her mother Chrissy recognised the symptoms after visiting an opticians and rushed her to hospital Chrissy Fletcher, 40, says a series of medics said her daughter Darcey was just suffering from run of the mill ...

Pedestrian Killed After Being Hit By a fire Engine Responding To An Emergency Call

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Crashed Fire engine in Royston, Herts that killed a pedestrian while on a call out. The man who died has been named as Mitchell Bailey. The 58-year-old lived with his wife Carol, 51, around 100 ...

‘Hello, I Have Just Killed My Wife.’ : Jealous Husband Jailed For Life For Stabbing Wife To Death After Talking To A Bloke On Night Out

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Police mug shot of Robert Bance, who has been sentenced for life with a minimum of 15 years Violent Robert Bance, 53, has been jailed for life for the “ferocious” attack he carried out on his wife of ...

Dad’s Fury After His Three-Year-Old Daughter Wandered Out Of School And Walked Home Alone

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Little Tamjida Amreen (known as Amreen), 3, walked home from nursery on her own unbeknownst to her teachers or father Akbar Ali, 28, also pictured, in Bradford Akbar Ali, 28, said he feared his daughter Tanjida Amreen could have been kidnapped or killed as she made her ...

Schoolgirl Bullied Because Of Birth Defect Fights Back By Becoming A Bare Knuckle Boxer

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Aimee Duggan, 10 at Toe2Toe boxing academy in Coventry, Aimee was born prematurely at 28 weeks weighing just 1lb 4oz. Ten-year-old Aimee Duggan was born at 28 weeks weighing just 1lb4oz (55g) and medics said she was the smallest baby ...

Burnley Baby Death: Two Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder

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Wellington Court, in Burnley, Lancs., where a murder investigation is underway into the death of a newborn baby girl. Lancashire Police were called to an address in Burnley, Lancs., shortly before 3pm on Monday (Jan 16) after reports of ...

Remarkable Dog Awarded Animal OBE For Being Disabled Owner’s ‘Ray Of Light’

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Lucy Watts MBE and her assistance dog Molly with her PDSA Order of Merit medal. Three year-old Working Cocker Molly works as an assistance dog for Lucy Watts, who suffers from loose joints due to ...

Lesbian porn star Teresa Scott becomes born again Christian

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Teresa Scott in her new life as a churchgoer Bad girl Teresa, 32, stopped being a real goer and became a churchgoer after seeing the light last year.