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‘I didn’t think I was being a hero, I just saw a man needed my help’ – Watch heroic moment an off-duty nurse battles to save the life of a builder after he was stabbed and left for dead

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The clip shows a woman on her knees giving CPR as the 41-year-old victim, who is covered in blood, gasps for breath. Witnesses said the man died and was brought back to life as the mystery good Samaritan tended to him while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Do Different Colours Really Help You Sleep? 5 Colours You Need in the Bedroom

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Colours in the bedroom can affect sleeping Sleep can be affected by many factors in life such as stress, hunger or, as many of us can attest, ...

Quick Ways To Extend Your Business Online

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Quick Ways To Extend Your Business Online Every businessman knows it is impossible to lead any business successfully without commercial and the Internet.

Vaping scene on the rise as e-cig culture booms

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The vaping scene is booming Made up of those who simply love to vape, this new trend has led to the introduction of the vape ...

Why it pays to be prepared for any kind of natural disaster

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Be prepared for any kind of natural disaster Global warming is continuously causing natural calamities and disasters today and keeping up with the right technology can definitely help ...

Couple heartbroken after cat they spent £6k rescuing from Egypt’s Arab Spring violence runs away

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preview Railton and Dawn Elliott fell in love with tabby ‘Omar’ and spent £6k bringing him home to Britain.

Michael Jackson impersonator appears in court charged with beating his wife

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Keith Preddie, 41, was Britain’s first impersonator of the star but appeared in court yesterday.

New novel touches world developments with startling accuracy

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The book encompasses two stories which come together as one, and all in a 24 hour period. An energy-desperate China ...

Huge web weaved by thousands of tiny caterpillars engulfs Scottish car park

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Huge caterpillar nest growing in Wickes carpark in Stirling which has now been cordoned off because of people wanting to look at it (SWNS) The sticky, silky mass is the work of thousands of tiny caterpillars which all started weaving at the same time. ...

Sevenoaks vet created a real-life ‘Robodog’ by giving an ageing sheepdog BIONIC LEGS

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Robbie trying out his new 'robotic' legs for the first time (Sevenoaks Chronicle / SWNS) Robbie, an 11-year-old Shetland sheepdog, had been a regular patient at the vets for five years, suffering from multiple problems ...

Fury as driver who killed seven-year-old boy while on her phone is fined just £195 and given five points

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Seth Dixon, 7 (SWNS) Road safety campaigners yesterday (thurs) branded the sentencing of Amy Asker an ‘insult’ to the family of schoolboy Seth Dixon. ...

Incredible £420,000-plus Rolls-Royce hearse unveiled

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What a way to go… car fans can make their final journey in style with this incredible Rolls-Royce HEARSE. Italian ...

Husband tried to murder wife by blowing up her flat in staged gas leak

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Peter Brindley arrives at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.  A jilted husband attempted to murder his estranged wife and a friend Ð by blowing up her flat.  See NTI story NTIARSON.  Peter Brindley (50) shoved a bin containing paper under the external gas meter at the property in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, and set the contents on fire.  He also poured glue into the lock of Bethany Brindley's front door to try to stop her getting out of the property and cut the telephone cables leading to the flat.  The attack was carried out just a month after Brindley chased Bethany's friend with a hammer following a row.  Now Brindley has been warned he faces a 'significant' prison sentence after being convicted of two counts of attempted murder.  Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard the Brindleys had been together for 12 years when they separated in June 2014. Evil Peter Brindley, 50, shoved a bin containing paper under an external gas meter at the property before setting it ...

WATCH : Amazing aerial drone footage of collapsed Grade II listed Eastham Bridge in Tenbury

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(360Skylens / SWNS) The Grade II listed Eastham Bridge was reduced to rubble after it dramatically crumbled into the River Teme in Tenbury ...

Man behind the UK’s first natural swimming pool now helps people around the world create their own

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David Pagan Butler and his natural pool at his home in Norfolk (SWNS) Filmmaker David Pagan Butler, created his own eco-friendly pool in his back garden and is now teaching others to do ...

Businessman is talk of the town after buying a car park and making it completely free to use

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Businessman Robert Braddick (SWNS) Generous Rob Braddick, 44, has just acquired a long lease on the Seafield Car Park in the popular Devon seaside ...

Britain’s oldest pitch invader has come forward & revealed crowd lifted him over the barrier so he could go on the field – with his ZIMMERFRAME

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(Plymouth Herald / SWNS) Football-mad Roger Abbott, 76, was filmed on the playing surface shortly after Peter Hartley scored a winner to send his ...

In a pickle : Can you spot the GHERKIN in this calorie-packed picture puzzle?

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SWNS_LURKIN_GHERKIN_02 The latest visual puzzle to bamboozle the web will have you losing your marbles rather than counting your calories. On ...

Fifty-nine children and seven staff in miracle escape from flaming coach

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(SWNS) The hero driver pulled onto the hard shoulder and helped evacuate the terrified pupils and staff who scrambled to safety ...

British businessman wins legal battle with Marvel & DC over the right to use the word ‘superhero’ in the title of his book

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Graham Jules with his book 'Business Zero to Superhero' (SWNS) Graham Jules was about to publish his self-help manual ‘Business Zero to Superhero’ in 2014 when he got a letter ...

Lesbian porn star Teresa Scott becomes born again Christian

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Teresa Scott in her new life as a churchgoer Bad girl Teresa, 32, stopped being a real goer and became a churchgoer after seeing the light last year.