Corrine is one of the country's top female surfers

Beach bum! Stunning model starts her own heatwave with Britain’s first surf festival… for WOMEN

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Britain might be braced for a heatwave this weekend, but one seaside resort is setting temperatures soaring for a different reason. Hundreds of bikini-clad babes are set to descend on Newquay, Cornwall for Britain’s first ever surf festival for women. Brainchild of top surfer and model Corinne Evans, Surf Bettys is expected to draw in toned beach…

Female rowing club’s naked calendar banned from Facebook after being branded ‘pornography’

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The girls has sold 1,500 copies of the calendar The students from The University of Warwick Rowing Society ditched their life jackets for a cheeky shoot and sold 1,500 ...

The breath-taking picture of Tokyo’s skyline that won a wedding photographer top landscape award

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pre Kevin Mullins, 40, captured the stunning shot from the top of the city’s 2,142ft (653m) high Sky Tree Tower. And ...

Elephants Give Themselves Refreshing Dust Bath In Amazing Pictures In India’s National Park

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These super-cute photos show a herd of wild elephants having a bath - by spraying themselves with DIRT The gentle giants were spotted by wildlife photographer Prakhar Krishnan on a trip to Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India.

Adorable Pictures Show Proud Mother Giraffe Nursing Her One-Month Old Baby

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Mum Megara nurses her 1 month old (unnamed) baby giraffe at Plackendael Zoo in Belgium The month-old male can’t get enough of the attention as he’s groomed by mum Megara while onlookers admire him from ...

Students begin life at prestigous Cambridge University with opulent ‘Harry Potter style’ 800-year-old ceremony

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First year students begin life at Cambridge University in the splendour of St John's college's spectacular chapel The first years at St John’s crowded into the college’s spectacular chapel for their Matriculation Service.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Mackerel Have Washed Up On A SECOND Cornish Beach

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Hundreds of thousands of dead fish have washed up on a Cornish beach for the second time in as many weeks Pictures showing mackerel “as far as the eye could see” were taken at Marazion Beach in Cornwall after they washed ...

Britain’s Most Festive Pub Decorated With 90 Trees And 21,000 Lights!

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The stunning Churchill Arms pub in Kensington, London The Churchill Arms decorations took a week-and-a-half to put up and include five interior trees, reindeer lights and even stars ...

Man Stands Above Clouds To Capture Astonishing Night Skies

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Chris Miles with his dog looking down at low cloud inversion over Tomtain from the Kilsyth Hills Chris Miles, 35, had been waiting for years to capture the sky with the clouds blocking the lights of the ...

Brazen Thief Caught On CCTV Swiping Poppy Appeal Collection Box From Restaurant

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Man steals poppy tin from Mangetout Grill and Steakhouse restaurant in Southend, Essex See Masons copy MNPOPPY: A brazen thief was captured on CCTV swiping a Poppy Appeal collection box from a restaurant before wandering off undetected. The sickening moment was caught on camera by Mangetout Grill and Steakhouse restaurant in Southend, Essex, who released the footage to warn others. The footage shows the brazen thief looking around to wait for the right moment to swipe the box which was unguarded in the foyer. The sickening moment was caught on camera by Mangetout Grill and Steakhouse restaurant in Southend, Essex

Prankster Breaks World’s ‘Stupidest’ Record By Downing Litre Of Vodka In Eight Seconds

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swns_vodka_record_03 Andi Doherty, better known as Skat Dagger, consumed a full 40 units in the extreme alcohol stunt last week

Incredible £420,000-plus Rolls-Royce hearse unveiled

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What a way to go… car fans can make their final journey in style with this incredible Rolls-Royce HEARSE. Italian ...

World’s most ADORABLE dog becomes viral hit thanks to her love of smoothies

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This adorable pet pooch has been dubbed the world's cutest dog - with videos of her drinking SMOOTHIES. See SWNS story SWSMOOTHIE. The fluffy white pekingese called Konatsu gets nutritious health drinks made for her every day. She tucks into them by licking them from a large cup, getting the juice all round his lips. Videos of the five-year-old pampered pup have become a hit with almost 40,000 followers on her Instagram page. Owner Natt Chan said: ''Konatsu's favourite smoothie is apples and bananas and spinach. It's too delicious. ''Konatsu loves her daily smoothie. They're all lactose-free with a soy milk base, vegetables and fruits in their plenty. ''I use pure soy milk (that is lactose free) for her instead of whole milk. ''Konatsu so sweet. She loves her health drinks and walks. She's my baby.'' The fluffy white pekingese called Konatsu gets nutritious health drinks made for her every day

Former soldier blinded by rocket attack in Afghanistan overcomes trauma by taking stunning pictures in new life as a PHOTOGRAPHER

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Chris Nowell, 32, who is a blind photographer, has taken  stunning landscape images around the Derbyshire peak district (SWNS Group) Chris Nowell, 32, lost total sight in one eye and was partially blinded in the other during a Taliban attack ...

Stunning images capture roaming deer on idyllic Brit island – where the population is THIRTY deer to ONE person

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(© Ross Parry / SWNS Group) The island, called Jura, sits in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland and boasts a mountainous landscape with a large population ...

Collection of stunning UK wildlife photos taken by mystery photographer who has been signed by a greetings card company after his picture of a sleeping dog “BROKE THE INTERNET”.

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This is the sleeping labrador picture that made Jim his success in the photographic world This incredible collection of heartwarming countryside images showcase the rags to riches story of a photographer who shot to fame – after ...

Spanning time! Stunning images of London’s bridges merge Victorian photographs with the present day

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pre Compiled by the Museum of London Docklands, the images compare the city’s landmark bridges with how they looked at the ...

Adorable baby leopard born at British zoo is one of world’s most endangered big cats

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This adorable Amur leopard cub born just four weeks ago has delighted zoo keepers – as its one of the world’s most critically endangered species of big cat The new arrival is currently being cared for by mum Kaia before it makes it public debut at the end ...

World’s best horse whisperer Martin Tatta lulls mare into incredible manoeuvres nobody else would dare to try

April 15, 2014 | by | 1 Comment
pre2 Martin Tatta, 32, has such a close bond with his favourite Primavera that he can talk her into rolling ...

Banksy strikes again! Secretive graffiti artist sprays £500k mural on home close to spy centre GCHQ

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pre2 Stunned Karen Smith, 48, heard voices outside in the early hours but thought nothing of it until she ...

World’s most expensive Easter egg is a £5 MILLION masterpiece covered in 1,000 DIAMONDS

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pre2 A cross between a Faberge egg and the Damien Hirst skull, the ‘Mirage’ is a unique gem that only ...