Biggest potato in the world weighs in at 8lbs

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An amateur gardener has s-mashed his way into the record books – after growing the world’s biggest POTATO. Peter Glazebrook’s super-sized spud tips the scales at a whopping 8lbs 40oz (3.76kg), smashing the previous world record by 9oz. The vast vegetable, Peter’s Kondor variety, was unveiled at the National Gardening Show in Shepton Mallet, Somerset….

Axa worker falls to death from office balcony in Bristol

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An officer worker who had recently been signed off with stress fell more than 50ft to his death from an atrium balcony in front of horrified colleagues. The man, named by staff as Bob West, plunged from the third floor of insurance giant Axa’s HQ in Stoke Gifford, Bristol. Dozens of staff witnessed the fall…

Brazilian drug ayahuasca found in Britain

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Police fear a new drug is set to sweep Britain after it was found in large quantities for a second time – a powerful hallucinogenic used by an obscure cult in BRAZIL. The mind-bending drug – called ayahuasca – is used by worshippers of a religious movement in South America ”to get in touch with…

Photographer wins competition with 40-year-old film camera

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A British pensioner has won an international photography competition – using a camera built in the 1970s that he bought on eBay. David Miller, 67, scooped first place in the landscape category of the prestigious Black & White Photographer of the Year competition. He beat off digital entries from around the world with his eerie…

Thousands celebrate Janmashtami festival at former home of Beatle George Harrison

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Over 55,000 people are expected to descend on a tiny British village over the next few days – to take part in the largest Hindu festival outside India. The holiday of Janmashtami marks the birth of the god Krishna and is celebrated in the tiny Hertfordshire village of Letchmore Heath. The village has a population…

Peter Andre is pensioner’s dying wish

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The final wish of a 93-year-old grandmother who passed away on Saturday was to be buried with a picture of her idol – PETER ANDRE. Superfan Peggy Featham fell for the star after he hit the headlines when he married glamour model Katie Price in 2005. She claimed the lyrics to ‘Mysterious Girl’ helped her…

Lincolnshire Police unveil blues and twos tractor….slow moving villans beware!

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A rural police force has unveiled its new squad car – a blue and yellow TRACTOR which boasts a top speed of 25mph and comes complete with a flashing blue light. The John Deere 6630 has been liveried in police stripes and badges and modified with a blue light taken from a standard police van….

Rise of the MAMIL, scientists study the new generation of Middle Aged Men In Lycra

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Britain’s fitness and environmentally-aware cyclists have spawned a new generation of sportsman called Mamil – or middle aged men in lycra. Boffins believe the success of competitive cyclists Mark Cavendish at this year’s Tour De France and Sir Chris Hoy – who scooped three gold medals in Beijing 2008 – are also responsible. University researchers…

Lewis where’s the car? Investigation as Morse car nicked

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Police are hunting thieves who stole a classic car – the same model and colour as driven by Inspector Morse. The maroon-coloured Mark II Jaguar was taken from its owner at their home in Buckfastleigh, Devon. Officers say the car is the exact model and colour of the vehicle driven by John Thaw in the…

Gang attack firefighters – with their own hose

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Police are hunting a gang of teenage yobs who attacked firefighters – with their WATER HOSES. They were responding to a barn fire near Market Harborough, Leics., when they were set upon by 15 youths who pelted them with stones. During the attack the gang got hold of several high-pressure hoses and turned them against…

The ultimate emergency call – A £1 red phone box fitted with a heart defibrillator

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A disused BT phone box is to become a life-saving Tardis – by being fitted with a heart defibrillator. The traditional red booth in the village of Chedworth, Glos., is to house an emergency medical kit which jump-starts the heart during cardiac arrest. Parish leaders came up with the idea because ambulances take so long…

Massive moths hatch at UK butterfly sanctuary

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Staff at a butterfly sanctuary were celebrating after nine of the world’s largest moths hatched. The giant Atlas moths – which boast an impressive 10in to 12in (25cm to 30cm) wingspan – hatched from their chrysalises at Berkeley Castle Butterfly House in Gloucestershire. Atlas moths are named after the intricate, colourful map-like patterns on their…

Diabetic DJ locked overnight in theme park

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Theme park staff were forced to apologise after a diabetic was locked in the car park over night – for seven HOURS. Angry Alan Carr, 23, was forced to spend the night in the back of his van after the security gates were locked before he left. Alan, a mobile disk jockey, had been working…

Super Mario Bros named greatest computer game

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Super Mario Bros. was today voted the Greatest Computer Game Ever. The classic platform game was first released in 1985 and has since become one of the biggest selling ever with more than 40 million copies flying off the shelves worldwide. In the game Italian brothers Mario and Luigi – now recognised the world over…

American footballer fined $25k for tweeting during match

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An American footballer is feeling like a right twit after he was fined $25,000 – for TWEETING during a match. Cincinnati Bengals star Chad Ochocinco tweeted twice during a pre-season victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, including one to complain about getting floored by a rival player. The 32-year-old told his 1.1 million followers: ”Man I’m…

Yoga teacher sexually assaulted female clients

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A yoga teacher instructed his female clients to adopt compromising positions before sexually assaulting them in their own homes, a court heard. Kyno Hunt, 32, attacked three different women at their homes after encouraging them to crouch in suggestive positions. One of the women was attacked by Hunt after he had asked her to crouch…

Wheelie bin cat woman Mary Bale: first picture

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This is the first picture of Mary Bale – the woman caught on camera dropping a helpless cat into a wheelie bin. Camera crews swarmed round the 45-year-old bank worker as she walked through a residential street in Coventry. The sickening video shows the callous woman cooly coax four-year-old Lola over to her before calmly…