Man arrested for allegedly firing shotgun over five-year-old’s head

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A landowner has been arrested for allegedly firing a shotgun over the head of a five-year-old traveller child who was trespassing on his land, it has emerged. The incident happened near the controversial Light and Life Gypsy Church Festival, which has seen over 1,000 travellers in 200 caravans descend on a 30-acre field in the…

Gay reverend’s lover reveals marriage excitement

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Reverend Colin Coward’s lover Bobby Egbele today revealed he is ”excited” to be getting married and hopes his story can ”inspire” other people. He said: ”I’m excited about the wedding and that people are interested in it. ”We want it to be a public thing to inspire other people, but a marriage is also private…

Bus firm defends duck-killing driver

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A bus firm has defended a driver over complaints he ran over – a family of DUCKS. The double-decker was seen driving over a mother duck and nine babies during its round in Newquay, Cornwall. An eyewitness claimed the vehicle could have avoided the animals which were killed in an ”explosion of feathers”. But managing…

Traffic warden and partner jailed over £70,000 benefit fraud

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A traffic warden and his partner who fraudulently claimed more than £70,000 in benefits were jailed for ten months each yesterday. Parking official John Lawrence, 57, helped girlfriend Jean Swift, 58, claim income support, housing benefit and council tax relief. She was paid the huge sum over a period of six years on the basis…

Tennis hooligans causing trouble on public services

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A bus company today said it has been forced to employ police-accredited security guards on its vehicles – to control rowdy TENNIS hooligans. Bus operators Norfolk Green have employed a team of three guards to patrol buses and stops during the annual Hunstanton Tennis Week, in Hunstanton, Norfolk. Security has been stepped up after tennis…

Cobbled path at 1,300 year old abbey to be replaced over health and safety fears

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A cobbled path at a medieval abbey which dates back to 705AD is set to be replaced – because of health and safety fears. Councillors fear that someone could trip on the uneven surface at Sherborne Abbey in Dorset and sue them for compensation. So they are applying for planning permission to spend £30,000 laying…

World’s first dating site for ugly people launched

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The world’s first dating site for UGLY people was launched in the UK yesterday. specifically excludes ”anyone who is overtly pretty or attractive”. Instead, it accepts only those who ”weren’t blessed with great looks” – or, more bluntly, people who have ”fallen from the ugly tree and hit every branch on their way down”….

Surgeons forced to operate by torchlight

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Surgeons were forced to carry out operations by torchlight following a power failure at an NHS hospital, it emerged yesterday. The blackout occurred during routine power testing at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital when emergency back-up generators failed to kick in. Operating theatres and the intensive care unit were plunged into darkness, leaving surgeons with no option…

Cannabis makes students psychotic

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Cannabis causes psychotic episodes among students, a new British-led study revealed today. Experts found that undergraduates who smoke cannabis are more likely to ‘hear voices’ and hallucinate. Students who regularly smoke the drug are also more at risk of suffering paranoia and delusions, such as believing others can read their mind. The study was carried…

Ugly duckling has own bar stool in local pub

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This unloved ‘ugly duckling’ who was abandoned by her family has been given a new home at her local pub – and even has her own BAR STOOL. Crispy the duck was hand-reared by pub landlady Gail Payne, 43, after becoming separated from her brood. She was released into the wild two years ago but…

World’s oldest mechanical clock to be replaced

World’s oldest mechanical clock to be replaced

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The world’s oldest continually-working mechanical clock is to be replaced with an electric motor – after being wound by human hand for over 630 years. Wells Cathedral Clock in Somerset has been wound by hand since it was installed in the 1380s. Since 1919 it has been wound by five different generations of the Fisher…

Terminally-ill doctor survives suicide pact

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A terminally-ill doctor survived a suicide pact which killed his wife because the plastic bag he used to suffocate himself with was too small, an inquest heard today. Dr William Stanton, 79, and his wife of 52 years Angela, 74, both pulled helium-filled bags over their heads while lying in bed together. His wife suffocated…

Mums hate people who undermine their authority

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Six out of ten mums hate it when other people ‘undermine their authority’ by telling their children off, a study revealed today. Researchers found millions of mothers grit their teeth and count to ten when someone else reprimands their child. Incredibly, one in three mums said they felt uncomfortable when their grandparents chastised her youngster….

Man dies in street following confrontation with teenagers

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Police are questioning three boys after a man collapsed and died in a town centre following a confrontation with a three teenage boys who tried to steal his bike. Josip Jovanovic, 57, collapsed just minutes after he was seen rowing with a teenage boy and two other youths who tried to grab his bike at…

Woman, 80, dies shortly after being burgled

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An 81-year-old woman has died shortly after three men carried out a burglary at her home, police revealed today. The frail pensioner, who has not been named, complained of feeling unwell following the burglary at her home in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, at 3.30am on Tuesday. She was taken to hospital where she died on Tuesday…

Wednesday’s news: Salad eating, John Cleese and office ejaculation

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Office worker accused of ejaculating into colleague’s drink An office worker has been charged with twice ejaculating into a female colleague’s bottle of water – which she later DRANK. Read the full story World’s first salad eating competition held A small British village held the world’s first ever – SALAD eating competition Read the full…

Police release photo of car belonging to murdered woman

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Police investigating the murder of a care worker yesterday released a photograph of her car which they believe hold the key to the killing. Mum-of-two Corby Craze, 43, was found dead after a massive fire at her home in Bodmin, Cornwall, in the early hours of Saturday. Her blue Vauxhall Corsa Arizona was found burned…