Teenage girl goes missing from home after going out to buy fish and chips

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Gemma Hall, 19, disappeared on Sundayafter leaving her house in Hartcliffe, Bristol, to get a fish supper.

Dog owner is reunited with beloved pet NINE YEARS after the pooch went missing

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Heartbroken Milissa Mae, 47, thought she would never see Niamh again after she disappeared in May 2004 aged just three.

Bending over backwards! Hundreds of women cheer on competitors at the UK’s POLE DANCING championships

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Hundreds flocked to the Telford International Centre, Shrops., to see performers from across Europe take part in the glitzy competition on Sunday.

Five police cars spotted in the drive-through… at a DOUGHNUT joint

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The arresting sight came as marked patrol cars were spotted lined up outside the Krispy Kreme joint in Bristol. And onlooker Paul Amery said a FIFTH was out of view of his camera buying more of the sugary treats on Monday morning.

British woman’s death remains a mystery after charred remains were found in Qatar desert

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Lauren Patterson, 24, disappeared after she and a friend took a lift home from a nightclub in Doha with two men.

Council tenants turning spare rooms into cannabis factories to beat hated bedroom tax

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Desperate council tenants are increasingly turning their spare rooms into CANNABIS FACTORIES in a bid to afford the controversial bedroom tax. Worried town hall chiefs at Europe’s biggest local authority fear drugs gangs are targeting vulnerable residents and forcing them to grow marijuana to pay off debts. Birmingham City Council sources and loan shark watchdogs say tenants…

That’s a good take h’away – Geordie businessman is Britain’s most feared restaurant critic

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A Geordie businessman has become one of the most feared food critics in Britain – after being named as the most prolific restaurant reviewer on TripAdvisor. Burly Phil Blackett, 52, has racked up 780 reviews of restaurants, takeaways and hotels, in an impressive 501 cities spread across 36 countries. The sunglasses salesman travels the length…

Northampton Clown speaks for the first time claiming ‘I wasn’t trying to scare anyone’

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The sinister figure has been repeatedly spotted around Northampton in full clown attire and make-up.

Devout Christian makes modelling debut at London Fashion Week… after being spotted while SHOPPING

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Stunning Vita West, 18, had never even considered modelling when she was approached by a talent scout in the food aisle at her local Co-op. The modest teen was snapped up by top agency IMG, who famously represent Gisele Bunchen. Vita has now been touted for greatness after stepping out onto the catwalk at London Fashion Week for the first time.

Bus company Stagecoach charged disabled man £30 to return HIS lost wallet

September 12, 2013 | by | 1 Comment

Arthur Adlam, 31, left a wallet containing around £225, including his disability allowance, on the seat of a Stagecoach bus.

Teaching assistant sacked for swearing and posting rude picture on Facebook wins £16k for unfair dismissal

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Paula Williams, 45, published the picture of her sucking through a penis straw at a Christmas party.

Teenager, 18, was bullied to death by cruel Facebook taunts from her own FAMILY, claim parents

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Pretty Jasmine Griffiths, 18, was found hanged on bedsheets from a staircase at her home after receiving ‘dozens’ of messages telling her to kill herself. Jasmine’s stepmother Kirsty, 35, said the unnamed bullies continued harrassing Jasmine even when she blocked them and also targeted her friends.

Nicki Minaj spoof song about SKEGNESS becomes overnight viral hit

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The tongue-in-cheek version of the star’s summertime anthem ‘Starships’ has been viewed on YouTube thousands of times.

Paedophile jailed after using cartoon AVATAR to trick American girls into performing sex acts

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A middle-aged paedophile has been jailed for five years for tricking young American girls into performing vile sex acts – while he hid behind a CARTOON AVATAR. Mark Noyes, 46, used social networking sites to groom vulnerable youngsters – some aged just 12 – in the US into thinking they were enjoying a blooming cyber…

Woman who missed the bus lies in the ROAD until it lets her on

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The frustrated female passenger arrived late at a stop just as the double-decker was pulling away.

Couple going on holiday to Spain blame satnav… after it leads them to the WRONG ferry

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Bob and Pat Banks wanted £100 million Pont Aven from Plymouth to Santander in Northern Spain.

‘Car on roof’ student prank explained as boffins recreate the stunt with pulleys and an Austin 7

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A group of engineering undergraduates somehow hoisted an Austin 7 car 70ft into the air in June 1958.