Couple shocked after finding bright orange snake hiding in the vacuum

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A shocked couple found a bright orange snake in the most usual of places – poking out the bottom of their VACUUM CLEANER.

The RSPCA were contacted after the couple, who have wished to remain anonymous, found the 2ft-long non-venomous corn snake in their hoover.

The slippery customer was initially thought to be a toy by the homeowner as he thought his wife was playing a trick on him – until the colourful snake started moving.

It was believed to have escaped from a neighbouring humble abode in York, but when RSPCA officers tried to find its owner – no one claimed the exotic pet.

One couple had quite the fright when they found this snake poking out of their vacuum cleaner!

One couple had quite the fright when they found this snake poking out of their vacuum cleaner!

Speaking about the find, RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Lucy Green said: “They spotted the corn snake’s head under the door and were rather frightened about what kind of snake it might be.

“The man who called us initially thought his wife was playing a prank on him when he saw the snake’s head popping out from the airing cupboard and said it looked like a realistic toy.

“I went along to collect the snake and when I arrived the snake was no longer in the airing cupboard – but had slithered inside the vacuum cleaner.

“Luckily they weren’t using it at the time and he snuck inside just before I got there.

“It was quite a surprise to flip the head of the vacuum cleaner over and see the snake’s little orange head poking out.”

The RSPCA attended the address in the boroughbridge area of York on Friday (Oct 29) to take the snake away and are still awaiting contact from its owner.swns_corn_snake_01Corn snakes are renowned escape artists and need a secure vivarium to live in, with an environment that replicates where they would live in the wild.

This includes a thermogradient to allow the snake to warm up or cool down as needed, UV light, and the correct level of humidity for the species.

ACO Lucy added: “Perhaps he got out of his vivarium and decided to do some trick or treating for Halloween, or go and frighten some neighbours.

“I knocked on several doors in the local area but couldn’t find an owner or anyone who knew where the snake had come from.”

The snake has now been delivered to an exotics specialist and, if not claimed within seven days, will be re-homed.

The RSPCA urged the owner to get in touch with them by calling the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

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