Cyclist is catapulted off his bike after being clattered by hit-and-run driver

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This is the shocking moment a cyclist is catapulted off his bike after being struck by a hit-and-run motorist – captured by a camera on his handlebars.

Office worker Patrick Knetemann, 34, was riding along a main road when a black VW swerved across the road and smashed into him head-on.

He was thrown from his saddle and into the car windscreen, which shattered with the force of the impact.

A bullet cam on his handlebars continued filming as the bike spun wildly through the air and landed 10ft away behind the car.

Patrick was left in agony in the gutter and the crash completely sheered off the front forks and wheel of his red road bike.

The motorist sped off but luckily an off-duty paramedic came to Parick’s rescue and he was rushed to Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, Berks.

Remarkably, he escaped with only bruising and fractures after the crash in Slough, Berks.

Patrick said: “He came out of nowhere. The impact was so quick I had no time to stop.

“I hit the windscreen with my shoulder and it shattered straight away – that shows how fast and hard he hit me.

“I think he was turning right to go into the Kwik Fit garage and didn’t see me.

“But I had a light on my bike, and I was wearing a bright red helmet.

“After one or two seconds he sped off leaving my there on the pavement.”

Patrick survived the horrific collision with fractures to two cervical discs in his neck and bruising to his upper body.

Police are using the footage to investigate the accident on June 21 on Langley Park Road.

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