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  1. Luxury block of flats advertised as being ‘in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London’ is in LUTON – 30 miles away.
  2. Girl who was bullied at school and only had FERRETS for friends has launched successful modelling career
  3. Cute three-year-old becomes an internet sensation after more 15 MILLION people watch video of her kick-ass karate moves
  4. Police refuse to arrest vandal who daubed BLACK PAINT over mum’s house – despite her catching yob on CCTV
  5. A beginners guide to underfloor heating
  6. Five strategic priorities shared by CIOs
  7. Dashcam footage captures the moment a game of ‘CHICKEN’ goes disastrously wrong
  8. Security expert reveals how to prevent ‘toll fraud’ as phone network hacking soars
  9. Publishing Training Centre launches digital skills courses for editors
  10. Audi driver takes the phrase tight-spot to a new level – after parking just MILLIMETRES away from another car
  11. Hilarious video of dad telling boy he has a secret EJECTOR seat in car which will ‘send him into space’ if he doesn’t behave’
  12. Fitness instructor given 18 months to live after bungling GP misdiagnosed cancer – telling him it was a pulled MUSCLE
  13. Adorable pooch Bentley made a rags to riches transition – after vets spent five HOURS shaving off two KILOGRAMS of matted, petrol-coated fur
  14. How to protect your business from bird nesting
  15. Why age is an advantage in the world of work
  16. Bigamist exposed after his FIRST wife discovers pictures of his second wedding on FACEBOOK
  17. Top tips for booking your family holiday early for the best deal
  18. Impressive erection at fertility clinic – Hilarious aerial view of health centre that looks like a spread-eagled man – complete with manhood!
  19. Lessons to be learned – Parents furious after special needs kids are moved out of class while Oftsed inspectors visit
  20. Jolly J-ape …Photographer captures hilarious picture of macaque SMILING for the camera
  21. History in the baking: Impressive 4,000 word Magna Carta CAKE
  22. Why it pays to be prepared for any kind of natural disaster
  23. Is pet obesity on the rise? Make those unexpected trips to the vet a lot less impactful on your wallet
  24. TP-Link unveiled as new sponsors Team Dignitas
  25. Five signs that you’re not a spring chicken anymore
  26. Co-operative pharmacy has a brand make-over as it is renamed ‘Well’
  27. Students cover friend’s bedroom in tin foil
  28. CCTV footage shows moment PARAMEDIC walked away from dying man in hospital car park
  29. How grey are your bedroom habits?
  30. Pristine Morris Minor that hasn’t been driven in 47 YEARS is set to go under the hammer with only 190 MILES on the clock
  31. Student dies suddenly from undiagnosed heart condition days after doctors prescribed him PARACETAMOL
  32. Grandfather’s body may be EXHUMED after family of Muslim buried alongside complain about ‘NON-BELIEVER’
  33. 4×4 driver caught on mobile phone, wearing earphones and watching a laptop!
  34. UK’s first affordable straw homes are to go on sale in Bristol this week
  35. Employers: Are you doing to ensure employee safety on the roads?
  36. Taxi driver cheats death after having wooden STAKE hurled through his windscreen
  37. Rapist serving life sentence puts an advert for penfriends in the lonely hearts column of a motorbike magazine
  38. Yoga group banned from using the local church because of links with ‘alternative spiritualities’
  39. LendInvest sees surge in investment after lowering minimum stake to just £1,000
  40. LendInvest reaches £200 MILLION in mortgage lending in just 19 MONTHS