Firefighters Called In With Heavy Lifting Gear To Move A Rhino With Toothache

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Firefighters with Rhino Bertus

Firefighters with Rhino Bertus

Firefighters answered an emergency at a zoo when a RHINO was struck down with toothache.

Two-tonne Bertus, a greater one-horned Indian rhino, had to be moved into position so a dentist could operate after he was sedated.

A crew used winches and pullies normally deployed to move heavy vehicles in road accidents to gently ease him into place.


Firefighters with Rhino Bertus

Firefighters with Rhino Bertus

The procedure was successfully carried out and eight year-old Bertus is back enjoying his favourite food at Edinburgh Zoo.

Local fire chief Willie Pollard said: “The request to support the zoo in the moving of their rhinoceros is one of the strangest special services I have undertaken.

“The task of safely moving an animal of this size clearly presents a number of challenges.

“But, by jointly working with zoo staff, we were able to formulate a plan which involved winching and pulling equipment using techniques normally used for either road traffic collisions involving heavy vehicles or in the event of a building collapse.


swns_rhino_toothache_05“These techniques allowed us to reposition the animal thereby creating a safe working space for the dental team to repair the tooth.”

Zoo head vet Simon Girling said: “We are incredibly grateful for the help of the fire and rescue crew.

“Bertus’s operation was a great success and even though it was a minor tooth operation, it involved a massive team of people all working together to ensure the operation went smoothly.”

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