Grumpy Cat And Lizard Form Unlikely Friendship

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Bearded dragon lizard Joanna and rescue kitten Din Din

Bearded dragon lizard Joanna and rescue kitten Din Din

A grumpy rescue cat and a nasty lizard have been transformed into cuddly best buddies after forming an unlikely friendship and are now inseparable.

Kimi Joyner, 26, adopted rescue kitten Din Din four years ago but was exasperated at her hostility to other animals and humans.

The animal-lover feared the worst when she adopted prickly bearded dragon lizard Joanna eight months ago – and did her best to keep the two apart.

But amazingly, Din Din and Joanna bumped into each other at Kimi’s home and instantly became best friends – even cuddling, kissing and sleeping together.

Amazed Kimi, of Salt Lake City, Utah, said: ”I had no intention of the two ever really interacting but it happened by accident when I had Joanna out wandering and Din Din suddenly came up to sniff her.

”It started as tentative curiosity, but now they love each other.”


Kimi adopted Din Din when she was just one-year-old having been abused and passed round between different homes that struggled to deal with her behaviour problems.

But Din Din, who is now five, still had problems with other animals and people.

In January, Kimi then took in three-year-old Joanna the lizard, who was being mistreated at her previous home and would lunge at other animals.

But amazingly, the pair of ”bad girls” formed an unlikely bond and now cuddle up to each other, eat together and take naps together.

swns_best_buddies_02Din Din even waits outside Joanna’s cage for her to ”come out to play” and they chase each other round the house.

The remarkable pet friendship has even transformed their individual personalities and they both get along better with humans and other creatures.

Kimi said: ”Din Din was passed around homes for a while because no one could deal with her attitude so we decided to take her in and try to make her happy.

”Joanna also had problems and I offered to take her from her previous home.”

swns_best_buddies_05Kimi said that Joanna was instantly calm and happy in her house and that she is the ”sweetest thing in the world now”.

”How they act around each other and the behavior they exhibit has never been witnessed before in either of them with any type of animal or human company.

”Din Din is still a bit of a grump but slowly Joanna is changing Din Din for the better.”

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