Mum-Of-Eight To Quit Job And Claim More Benefits To Cover School Dinners – Because She Will Be Better Off

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A mum-of-eight might quit her part-time job and go back on benefits so she can pay her kids’ huge school dinner bill – because she will be better off on the DOLE.

Former lap-dancer Marie Buchan, 33, who works 16 hours a week as a carer, says she might quit in order to pocket more free hand-outs.

She currently rakes in £26,000-a-year in state hand-outs but because she works part-time, she is not eligible for free school meals which currently costs her £80-a-week.

Now Marie has spoken out after the Government announced it plans to lower the benefit cap from £26,000 to £20,000 from Monday (7/11).

Buchan at home in Selly Oak, Birmingham

Buchan at home in Selly Oak, Birmingham

Marie, who lives with her children. aged 13 to two, said: “I have been told I will be better off if I don’t work until my youngest daughter turns five.

“I work 16 hours a week as a carer, getting paid the minimum wage of £7.50.

“But I have to pay for school meals which costs me £80 per week.

“I would be better off not working.

“Losing £6,000 is going to have a huge affect on myself and my children.”

Marie, who is dubbed “Octo-mum”, has also been spotted shopping for a luxury £70,000 Range Rover and planned on getting a £4,500 boob job.

She said she would not have had so many children if she knew how hard it would have been.

Marie moved into a four-bedroom house in Weoley Castle, Birmingham, last summer after moaning that Government cuts to the benefits cap would leave her family on the breadline.

The self-proclaimed welfare queen caused outrage when she declared her five-figure benefits were not enough.

Marie Buchan with her children Tia, 14, Leah, 13, Latoya, 10, Joshua, 9, Alisha, 7, Mikayla, 5, Amelia, 4 and Olivia, 2.

Marie Buchan with her children Tia, 14, Leah, 13, Latoya, 10, Joshua, 9, Alisha, 7, Mikayla, 5, Amelia, 4 and Olivia, 2.

Marie added: “It is every parent’s right to have as many children as they want but I wouldn’t have had so many if I had known how difficult it would be.”

Her children all have the same father, who looks after them while she works weekends.

Marie announced in August she was coming off benefits to start up a mechanics business and she studies the trade three days a week at Bournville College.

But now she claims she’d be better off sitting at home.

Marie hit the headlines after appearing on Myleene Klass’ show Single Mums On Benefits in May this year.

She told Myleene: “You obviously have a baby, you send off the application form, birth certificate, they assess it and then you’ve got your money in your account. It is very easy.”

After the appearance Marie was offered £5,000 for a naked photo and a porn company said they’d give her £500 for a starring role.

But agent Barry Tomes said she would be “selective” with the work offers she chose and she didn’t want to do anything to embarrass her children.

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