‘Seek medical attention’: The rejection letter jobseeker received after STRIPPING off during interview

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This is the hilarious rejection letter received by a jobseeker who was so desperate to get noticed – he STRIPPED OFF during an interview.

Unemployed Mukra Mirza, 32, broke into a Full Monty-style strip tease to ensure he stood out from the crowd of prospective employees.

But, despite his best efforts, the wacky act – which saw him sing Weather Girl’s hit ‘It’s Raining Men’ while seductively taking off his top – failed to secure him the IT job.

And claims on his CV claim that his previous experience of “sex trafficking women from the Middle East” was proof of his suitability for the recruitment role was also given short shrift.

Instead Mukra received a letter congratulating him on his “disco-diva performance”, but turning him down for the position.

It read: “Thanks again for coming for an interview with myself. It was interesting to meet with you.

“Where as we loved your karaoke version of ‘It’s Raining Men’ we feel the strip tease was a little unnecessary.

“Also the fact you have been involved in sex trafficking women from Middle East does not really account for ‘vast recruitment experience’ as you suggested.

“Thanks again for your time and I suggest moving forward you seek medical attention before attending other interviews.”

Mukra, from Crawley, West Sussex, had been unemployed for several months before applying to NBS – or No Bull S**t recruitment company – last month.

He was thrilled when he was asked to come for interview with the IT solutions company and quickly set about making a lasting impression on managers.

On the day of the meeting, May 20, fitness fanatic Mukra began stripping in an interview room at the firm’s Crawley office.

Richard Forrest, delivery manager for NBS, who wrote the rejection letter, added: “I’ve never had to write a letter to a candidate quite like it.

“Congratulating Mr Mirza for his disco-diva performance wasn’t something I’d ever formally replied to anyone before.

“We all enjoyed his extrovert performance and big effort to impress, but finding a role for him is going to prove difficult with his usual skill-sets, as he described them.

“We don’t have much call for an individual who strips and breaks into song in IT recruitment.

“Even though he’s obviously keen, maybe he’d be better suited to a job at Butlins.”

Optimistic Mizra admitted he may have “laid it on a bit thick” during the interview, but said it was important to stand out.

“The letter made me laugh when I read it.” he said.

“When they asked me if they could put it Twitter, I thought ‘why not?’ Now it keeps getting retweeted all over the place.

“I might have laid it on a bit thick during the interview, but really want a job you see.

“There’s not a lot on offer these days, so it’s important these days to do something that helps you stand out.

“I’m pretty sure most companies could secretly use a person like me working for them.

“The only ‘medical attention’ I’ll need to get is for the burns I keep getting – because when it comes to impressing future bosses, I’m quite literally on fire.”

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