Woman, 59, rushed to hospital after getting attacked by a SEAGULL

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A woman was rushed to hospital with head injuries after she was attacked – by a SEAGULL.

Terrified Rosemary Ferrier Moore, 59, was out shopping when the angry bird swooped and dug its beak into her scalp.

The gull was protecting its young chick after it fell out of a nest and was left stranded on the pavement.

Rosemary was taken to hospital following the frightening attack in Bath, Somerset, on Wednesday.

She said: “I had noticed there were seagulls dive bombing, but there was someone just ahead of me carrying a food delivery so I thought they were looking at the food.

“Then I spotted a group of men looking towards me and they appeared to be looking up, and just then there was this almighty thump on my head.

“I was just so shocked. It wasn’t painful, just a real thud. But when I took my hand off my head it was covered in blood.

“It was such a terrific thud because they are great big things. It might have knocked a child over or perhaps an elderly person, or it could have taken someone’s eye out.”

Rosemary, of Bath, was taken to hospital where she had the wound cleaned and was given a tetanus jab and a course of antibiotics.

A spokesman for the local council and the RSPCA said there was nothing they could do because the birds are a protected species.

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