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  1. Apple’s iPhone 5s ad ‘Powerful’ shows its usefulness for musicians
  2. Skoda Yeti voted best car for the THIRD year running
  3. Illegal immigrant from Afhganistan raped girl, 14, a month after officials failed to deport him
  4. Average woman will sleep with a man on the FIFTH date
  5. Ronseal solves the UK fence panel shortage
  6. What’s hot in the kitchen in spring 2014?
  7. Five common reasons people fail exams
  8. How important is a sense of humour when dating?
  9. Banksy caught on CCTV video for the FIRST TIME as he sprays latest mural
  10. Woman, 24, who shunned meat after watching film Babe named UK’s sexiest VEGAN
  11. New Banksy mural of couple kissing RIPPED off wall to be sold for at least £100,000
  12. World’s best horse whisperer Martin Tatta lulls mare into incredible manoeuvres nobody else would dare to try
  13. Cops rush to pensioners home after her pet DOG dials 999
  14. Blonde shoplifter banned from every store in her town after five week reign of terror
  15. Drug dealer who sold pills that killed a father boasted about the transaction on FACEBOOK
  16. Tory mayor resigns after branding disabled people ‘mongols’
  17. Britain’s first competitive female surfer is still riding waves… aged 68
  18. 80s pop star Adam Ant shocks fans with bizarre rant at gig amid fears for his mental state
  19. Police hunting 13-YEAR-OLD boy over sex attack on girl, 10, near car wash
  20. The world’s first selfie taken by a SHEEP
  21. Disgraced politician Tommy Sheridan plays a schoolteacher in pop music video
  22. Tory cllr who dubbed gay rights actor Sir Ian McKellen’s visits to schools ‘disturbing’ forced out of mayoral race
  23. Banksy strikes again! Secretive graffiti artist sprays £500k mural on home close to spy centre GCHQ
  24. Woman, 23, depressed over small boobs raises £4,500 from online strangers for enlargement op
  25. Police officer sacked after ‘branding bosses lower than slime on fake Twitter account’
  26. ‘Lie back and ENJOY rape’: What female former mayor told gobsmacked colleagues at council meeting
  27. TV presenter Quentin Wilson backs used car warranty service… and he’ll deal personally with complaints
  28. Married dad-of-three plied girl, 13, with Vodka before raping her while wife was on holiday
  29. Burglar caught after raiding a home and stopping to go to the TOILET
  30. On-the-run PSG fan arrested after returning to London for Chelsea game
  31. Young England rugby player reached under cubicle at swimming pool to film a woman about to SHOWER
  32. Gypsy gangs raided after spate of burglaries targeting Asian gold jewellery
  33. University fences off aggressive racist swan that only attacks foreign students
  34. ‘Its teeth were as big as my head!’ British fisherman catches Great White Shark weighing TWO TONNES after epic boat battle
  35. How online gaming innovations have driven the Internet forward
  36. World’s most expensive Easter egg is a £5 MILLION masterpiece covered in 1,000 DIAMONDS
  37. Woman, 53, who compained about her haircut was subjected to torrent of abuse by the salon OWNER
  38. Wolverhampton Wanderers advertise Father’s Day tour with a picture of a HOOLIGAN
  39. Britain’s cheapest house goes on sale for just £7,000 (but you’ll have to repair damage from arson attack last year!)
  40. Meet the YouTube tycoon who has made enough money filming supercars to now buy his own