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Real Boomtown Rats play miniature instruments

June 2, 2010 | by | 3 Comments

These incredible pictures show two pet rats who have been trained by their owner to hold tiny instruments in their paws. Photographer Ellen van Deelen, 51, used food treats to teach Moppy and Witje to pose up with a variety of musical instruments. The ”very intelligent” creatures eventually learned to hold everything from panpipes to…

England fans still believe we can win the World Cup

June 1, 2010 | by | 0 Comments

Six out of ten England fans believe we can win the World Cup, a study has revealed. The huge wave of optimism surrounding Fabio Capello’s men as they prepare to jet off to their South African base emerged in a study carried out among 1,200 football fans. Although hopeful we will go all the way…

Seven out of ten Brits admit to being selfish

June 1, 2010 | by | 0 Comments

Seven out of ten Brits admit they are selfish, a study has found. Research revealed millions of adults regularly bad-mouth friends or colleagues to make themselves look better, deliberately avoid charity collectors or ignore family birthdays. Others shun workmates and make their own tea in the office, fail to give way to fellow motorists or…

Brits have billions of pounds worth of unused loyalty points

June 1, 2010 | by | 0 Comments

Brits are sitting on £5.2billion worth of unused loyalty card points, a study has found yesterday. The typical adult has at least three loyalty cards – but hasn’t got a clue what they are entitled to or what the points mean. But most estimate their average card entitles them to approximately £36.57 of goods –…

Council accused of discrimination after refusing white job applicants

June 1, 2010 | by | 0 Comments

A council has been accused of positive discrimination after it refused to accept applications from white people for two £18,000-a-year jobs. Bristol City Council (BCC) has created the graduate training posts in a bid to recruit more minority employees. This means that only people from ethnic minorities are allowed to apply for the two-year placements,…

Elderly woman given litter fine for feeding birds

June 1, 2010 | by | 11 Comments

A woman was fined £80 for littering after wardens caught her throwing bread crumbs – to the birds. Heartless rubbish spies spotted the frail woman sprinkling bread over her garden railings onto the pavement for starlings. The woman, who has not been named, argued with the two street wardens but was slapped with an £80…

Solar-powered eco-radio made from bamboo designed by British student

June 1, 2010 | by | 0 Comments

A student is hoping to help communication in third world countries by inventing a solar powered radio – made from bamboo. Innovator Becky Barber, 22, has designed a radio which can be built very cheaply using the canes of the grass plant. The radio is powered by a small solar panel and is encased in…

Tardy teacher suspended after pupils complain

June 1, 2010 | by | 2 Comments

A tardy teacher has been suspended after pupils dobbed him in for repeatedly turning up to school late. Science Sir Jasbir Dhillon, 40, rushed into lessons up to an hour behind schedule on 21 occasions over the last two years. Fed-up pupils complained about Dhillon’s punctuality at Washwood Heath Technology College in Birmingham, West Mids….

Full service petrol pump with attendant to close after 100 years

June 1, 2010 | by | 0 Comments

One of the last garages in Britain with a serving petrol pump attendant is to close after nearly a century – as supermarket prices and EU laws finally force it out of business. Bentley’s Garage in Exmouth, Devon, opened in 1912 and for nearly one hundred years offered customers fuel as well as free oil,…

Family sink up to waists on mudflat on bank holiday visit

June 1, 2010 | by | 0 Comments

This is the moment a family was rescued by helicopter after sinking up to their waists in dangerous mudflats at a seaside resort over the bank holiday weekend. The three adults and six children became trapped in mud half-a-mile from shore at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, as the oncoming tide rushed in towards them. They struggled to…