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  12. Ginger schoolchildren taking confidence-boosting workshops for their red hair
  13. Multi-millionaire American footballer tipped just 20 CENTS in a restaurant
  14. The moment boy, 13, clutching a bag of LEGO is arrested over double school stabbing
  15. Reality TV star hanged himself because he was depressed… about being SHORT
  16. Hoarder killed after getting trapped under his own junk as fire broke out
  17. All white! Rescue workers take in rare Albino hedgehog plucked from a storm drain
  18. Evil girlfriend, 44, battered her musician lover to death with a GUITAR STAND
  19. Inside Elvis’s secret love nest: The Palm Springs hideout where star entertained women
  20. Female music teacher, 35, suspended over bizarre ‘comedy videos’ on her Facebook page
  21. Council refuses boy, 11, a free two-mile bus pass… because is home is 1.999 miles away
  22. Recruitment worker jailed aster stealing millions to spend on a divorce and new Thai bride
  23. Royal Commando who survived Afghanistan loses leg in the UK… while helping at a road crash
  24. Cerebral palsy sufferer beats disability to become… a ZUMBA instructor
  25. Detectivs tear up garden in search for missing landlady who vanished 17 years go
  26. Teenage singer who supported Katy Perry and Dolly Parton works… at the local WAITROSE
  27. Novelist Lynda Berger Appoints Palamedes PR
  28. Brits live like a king four days after payday… then like a pauper for the rest of the month
  29. Hospital calls in firefighters to saw off metal RING stuck on man’s penis
  30. Novelist EJ Henry Appoints Palamedes PR
  31. PE teacher had sex with two pupils after buying them cuddly toys and McDonald’s meals
  32. Sex beast to spend rest of life in jail after two more victims came forward
  33. Bob Dylan’s face appears on the side on a metal telephone exchange box
  34. Two Asian men jailed after they filmed themselves having sex with 14-year-old girls
  35. Judge tells West Ham fan who took free kick you ‘bent it like Beckham’
  36. Petition launched for Newcastle to join an independent Scotland after referendum
  37. Fame-obsessed former barman, 22, who spent £55k to look like Joey Essex is attacked outside nightclub
  38. Vinda-woooohh! Curry lover, 22, sees the face of his late grandmother… in his NAAN BREAD
  39. Great grandfather, 76, uses walking stick to fight off weirdo intruder who climbed half-naked into his BED
  40. Horse gets stuck on a GATE after trying to jump into neighbouring field