Covering news for nearly 50 years

SWNS began life as South West News Service in a small office near the crown court in Bristol, UK, in the 1970s. Back then, the business mainly covered criminal trials and a bit of breaking news for local media.

Then we started supplying national newspapers and quickly became a respected provider of text and images.

In the early 2000s we started expanding, opening our first district office in Plymouth, Devon. Next we added a number of acquisitions - first the agency Masons News in Cambridge, then Newsteam in Birmingham, Centre Press and Northscot in Scotland, Ross Parry in Leeds. Most recently, we added National News in London in 2015.

In each case, we have maintained or increased the front-line journalistic presence of businesses we have taken over - a rare achievement in the current industry climate.

We now operate as one seamless newsgathering business under the SWNS banner. Our headquarters is still in Bristol, where all the content is checked, edited and verified before being distributed.

Over the years our business has adapted to the ever-changing media landscape. These days, short-form video is just as important to us as the written word. We use every digital tool at our disposal while maintaining the core journalistic values which underpin everything we do.

As part of our digital transformation we now operate the story-gathering brands Talk To The Press and Sell Us Your Story. These are the top-ranking sites on Google for people who want to get their story into the international spotlight or manage their media exposure.

Over the last 15 years we have also been busy building our sister brands such as native content business 72 Point, online market research service OnePoll, boutique PR agency Inside Media and TV production company Oblong Films. For more information, check out the SWNS Media Group website here.