Paul Walters, Managing Director

Paul started his career as a local newspaper photographer and has gone on to build one of the biggest photographic operations in the UK. He has trained dozens of top photographers and now oversees operations across the SWNS Group.

Andrew Young, Director and Editor-in-Chief

Andrew has a 30-year career in news journalism that includes being on the launch team of the Today newspaper in the 1980s. He has headed-up the SWNS news team for 20 years and seen it grow from a handful of reporters to a staff of over 100.

Martin Winter, Director and Managing Editor

Martin started his career as a cub reporter at SWNS and joined the Daily Mail newsdesk in his early 20s. He later returned to SWNS and has spent the last 15 years seeking new opportunities for the business and managing our many publishing partnerships.

Jon Mills, Picture Editor

Jon is an award-winning photographer who was embedded with coalition troops during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He now runs the daily picture operation at SWNS, overseeing the distribution of some 600 images every day.

Paul Andrews, News Editor

Paul worked in regional journalism before establishing the first SWNS satellite office in  2005. He was then based in Los Angeles as a news and celebrity journalist before returning to SWNS headquarters, where he leads a team of experienced news editors who file some 150 pieces of copy every day.