SWNS.rocks beta

In 2016, SWNS won funding from Google to develop an industry-leading content syndication and distribution system. We were one of the first successful applicants to the search giant's Digital News Initiative (DNI), which supports high-quality journalism through innovation and technology. You can can read the press coverage about it here.

Launched in May 2017, the SWNS.rocks system allows content creators and syndication partners to submit their content through their own personal portal and monitor the usage and payments in real time.

It also enables SWNS to deliver fully-formed content packages of text, images and video directly into the editorial ecosystems of our clients. Clever taxonomy allows us to feed niche verticals, meaning SWNS can supply publishers far beyond the traditional boundaries of the news industry.

It's a pretty clever system which provides an open and transparent system for originators of great content. And we think it will revolutionise the way traditional news publishers structure their workflow. Read more about it here.