Who we are and what we do

From humble beginnings in Bristol 40 years ago, SWNS is now one of the world’s largest providers of news material.

We have grown organically and through acquisition of like-minded businesses to create a network of newsrooms across eight major UK and US cities.

We are real journalists doing real journalism; our editorial team includes over 60 news editors, picture editors, reporters, photographers feature writers and videographers.

And we are all passionate about one thing – finding and reporting on amazing stories, people and events.

We operate around-the-clock, 365 days per year because journalism isn’t just a job to us – it’s a way of life. We live and breathe it.

This obsession drives us to continually improve what we do, find better material and find better ways of delivering it.

What we do

We gather and licence newsworthy content to national and international publishers and broadcasters.

Our newsgathering is not carried out by algorithms or robots. We don’t aggregate or scrape other people’s material.

Yes, we use the latest digital tools to help us report on breaking news events or discover the next viral sensation. But we are real people doing real journalism – speaking to people, checking facts, writing original material.

Our finished material is then distributed on our news wire or sold direct to individual publications or broadcasters.


Every day our editorial staff are in the field reporting, taking pictures, filming, interviewing and licensing. Yes that’s right, our journalists actually leave the office!

Our customers range from newspapers such as The Sun and Daily Telegraph to websites such as Mail Online, Huffington Post and LadBible. We also supply publishers such as Bauer, Hearst and TI Media with real-life content and we licence content to broadcasters such as the BBC, ITN and CNN.

We also work with content creators and publishers to syndicate and earn revenue from their material.

This ranges from individuals who want to sell a photograph or videos to major publishers wishing to monetise their existing content.

In fact, this is such a growing part of our business that we partnered with Google to create an industry-leading syndication platform to manage and distribute third party content.

You can read more about our syndication services here

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