FISHY BUSINESS - Rare catfish usually found in South American Amazon basin discovered in Black Country canal

Author: Ed Chatterton

FISHY BUSINESS NEWS COPY - WITH PICTURES - by Henry Clare A rare tropical catfish usually found in the Amazon Basin has been discovered a long way from home - in a Black Country CANAL. The South American leopard pleco, ...

OCTO-SPOT - Can you spot the octopus in this award-winning picture from the BMC Ecology Image Competition?

Author: Jim Leffman

SPOT THE OCTOPUS NEWS COPY - WITH PICTURES - by Mark Waghorn It looks like an ordinary coral reef... until you spot the large eye in the middle. Hidden in plain sight is a gigantic octopus, having changed colour to ...

PIG PICNIC: Firefighters who saved litter of piglets from barn fire given them back six months later - as pork sausages

Author: Sarah Ward

ADD OUT OF THE FIRE - INTO THE FRYING PAN NEWS COPY - WITH PICTURES - by Sarah Ward A Facebook post on the Pewsey Fire Station page gave the sausages glowing reviews and recommended them for an August bank ...