WORLD'S HOTTEST MUM - Canadian actress and Playboy model dubbed 'world's hottest mum' says motherhood has made her body even better

Model Ildiko Ferenczi posed for Playboy weeks after giving birth and says she feels "sexier in every single way" since becoming a mother



A Playboy model dubbed the "world's hottest mum" is sharing intimate photos of herself in a bid to "normalise" breastfeeding and says motherhood has made her body even better.

Canadian actress Ildiko Ferenczi, who is in her late 20s, says she feels "sexier in every single way" since giving birth.

The stunner has already appeared in Playboy magazine since her pregnancy and says she is now on a quest to help fight the stigma of breastfeeding in public.

Ildiko, who goes by the Instagram name Spicy Lil Pepper, gave birth to baby Daniel sixteen months ago.

Since then she has taken to social media to post a series of photos of her breastfeeding to document the special bond she has with her son.

The married actress, who has appeared in TV shows such as Smallville and Flash Gordon, also says becoming a mum has made her feel sexier then ever before.

She added: "I feel sexier in every single way. Even when I was pregnant I felt so sexy.

"It's something I never thought I'd feel, but I did.

"Women's bodies are so beautiful in every shape and size there is something so empowering about the journey of motherhood.

"I thought I was Wonder Woman before, but after knowing your body created a beautiful little human...there is something to that whole experience.

"You know, everyone told me pregnancy is going to destroy my body and my life.

"People just don't get it - my life isn't over.

"I was blessed with the biggest blessing of my life and now my life has just begun.

"And to everyone that said my son would destroy me...the proof is in the pudding.

"It's just not true.

"I feel the sexiest I've ever felt.

"I hope others can be open and fearless to the journey of motherhood.

"I'm a woman that wants it all; a family, health, fitness, success, passions, dreams, all in all a really great life."

Ildiko says she decided to take to social media to defiantly post breastfeeding pictures after a number people took offence at her feeding her son in public.

She added: "I don't care what anyone thinks.

"I strongly feel that no one should be afraid to breast-feed in public.

"It's not about them, or me, the priority is to make sure my son gets the nutrition he needs.

"A child's body is going to signal when they need nutrition and that will happen any time or any place.

"It's an incredible journey that created an irresistible bond between us."

After giving birth by C-section, she appeared in a Playboy magazine just weeks after her pregnancy.

Ildiko, who lives in Vancouver, added: "I have been invited to appear in Playboy several times.

"However, I declined because I had decided when my modelling career began to not pose nude or topless in any publication.

"I'm not embarrassed of my body, I love my body and to be honest I'm mostly nude at home.

"I was invited to grace the cover of Playboy without getting nude, it was a no-brainer.

"What a phenomenal place to share my journey as a mother.

"There was no pressure, I'm so proud of my body that blessed me with the best gift life can offer - my son.

"If anything, I hope to leave a valuable example to my son: to be fearless, stick to his beliefs, break rules, be open to opportunities, and follow his dreams."