By Ben Barry

A baby gorilla teased zoo-goers by pulling funny faces at them.

Lucie Štěpničková, 37, was visiting Prague Zoo on May 5, 2024, when the two gorillas started playing in their enclosure.

The baby, Mobi, four months old – a critically endangered western lowland gorilla – was born in January 2, to mother Duni.

During Lucie’s visit, Mobi was playing by the windows and pulling funny faces at the onlookers.

Lucie, 37, from Prague, Czech Republic, said: “All the onlookers laughed very much.

“I believe that this situation will be repeated more often and I am very much looking forward to it – I believe Mobi does too.

“Mobi is only four months old and her mum Duni doesn’t let her walk yet and keeps her close to her.

“But she still let her make faces at me through the glass – Mobi was clearly very happy about this.”

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