By Ben Barry

A Brit flew to Portugal and bought peri peri chicken all for less than £15 – cheaper than the cost of his usual Nando’s order.

Callum Ryan, 23, usually orders a butterfly chicken, peri salted chips and garlic bread from the fast food chain and wondered if he could get it cheaper elsewhere.

He booked a flight from London Gatwick to Faro, Portugal, with Wizz Air – costing him £8.99.

Once he landed in Portugal, Callum went to Frango Piri Piri in Albuferia, Portugal – where he got half a chicken for just £3.45.

In total, Callum spent £12.44 on the flight and lunch which was cheaper than his £15 Nando’s order.

Callum, a content creator, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, said: “I ended up having a three day trip – I wanted to make the most of it.

“I asked a local taxi driver to find the best chicken and he sent me to Frango Piri Piri.

“It was a typical Portuguese peri peri chicken. It was a half chicken and it was so nice – I would definitely go back.”

In October Callum flew to Spain for a three day holiday for less than £100 all in.

He also flew to Dubai for £64 – less than the cost of filling up his car with fuel.

Breakdown of costs –
Flight to Faro, Portugal, from London Gatwick – £8.99
Peri peri chicken for lunch – £3.45

Usual Nando’s order cost –
Peri peri chicken with salted chips and garlic bread – £15

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