SWNS x 72Point - your gateway to reaching a global audience with compelling content.

Through our sister company 72Point, we partner with brands that share our ambition to create compelling content for top-tier publishers.

The extensive reach of the SWNS wire into the world’s leading newsrooms offers unparalleled coverage opportunities to PR agencies and in-house teams.

How does it work?

72Point is a creative content agency that generates mass media coverage for brands. It was founded by SWNS some 20 years ago to harness our expertise in news distribution. 

We are still joined at the hip and share the same principles when it comes to creating original and engaging journalistic content of the highest standard.

Editorial staff at SWNS work closely with 72Point to produce stories that earn their place on the news wire. These can be data-driven, image-led or powered by survey data from our online market research company OnePoll.

These stories are then distributed as page-ready content on the SWNS news wire, where journalists and editors decide whether to publish it in their titles.

Editorial standards

Maintaining the integrity of our news wire is critically important, and this means all material must be credible, authentic and accurate. That’s why every piece of content undergoes rigorous review to ensure it is of sufficient editorial merit and meets our ethical standards.  

All SWNS news editors are trained in our Editorial Guidelines for handling 72Point content. They apply the same level of scrutiny and professionalism as they do with all SWNS stories. This editorial oversight not only enhances the quality of the content but also safeguards the trust and reputation of SWNS, our clients and our publishing partners.

So, if you want to elevate your brand or PR campaign to new heights, partner with SWNS and 72Point to amplify your message with integrity and impact.

Reach out to us today and let’s make your story heard.

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