By Emma Dunn

A woman spent £4k on an eyebrow transplant – just like Chrissy Teigen – and says her new brows make her feel “younger” and more “confident”.

Siham Cyrine, 29, had hair from the back of her head transplanted onto her face.

She decided to have the four hour operation after feeling self-conscious of her thin eyebrows which she had overplucked as a teenager.

She previously tried microblading and spent 45 minutes every day just doing the make-up on her brows.

After researching and seeing the likes of Chrissy Teigen getting an eyebrow transplant she decided to go for it herself.

Siham had the transplant in November 2023 and is now delighted with her new full brows.

Siham, a content creator, from LA, California, said: “I had thick eyebrows growing up.

“I plucked a lot. I started to lose my eyebrows in my 20s.

“Eyebrows are so important to me.

“Now I love them so much.

“I feel so much more confident.”

Siham had naturally thick eyebrows growing up but after being bullied for them she ended up plucking them a lot.

She said: “People said ‘you have a unibrow’ and laughed.”

She found her eyebrows never grew back and started thinning out even more in her 20s.

Siham tried microblading but found the ink bled out and didn’t give the desired shape she wanted.

Siham Cyrine before transplant. (Pix via SWNS)
Siham Cyrine now. (Pix via SWNS)

She said: “I started researching other options. So many people overplucked, I thought there had to be a solution.

“I started seeing more about eyebrow transplants. Chrissy Teigen did it.”

Siham went for several consultations before settling on Dr. Ducu clinic in Westminster, London.

She had consultations to draw up the perfect eyebrow shape before a small portion of hair was taken from the back of her head.

The hair follicles were then placed carefully on Siham’s face in a four hour procedure.

Siham said her brows looked “really odd” at first and they scabbed over before her hair fell off.

She said: “You’re back to where you started.”

Siham Cyrine’s donor patch. (Pix via SWNS)
Siham Cyrine’s eyebrows scabbed after transplant. (Pix via SWNS)

Siham’s eyebrows then started to regrow in December 2023 and now four months later are nearly fully grown.

She said: “I used to spend 45 minutes on my eyebrows alone. When I didn’t have make-up on my eyebrows were and insecurity.

“Now I only take ten minutes.

“I feel more myself.

“They make me feel a bit younger.”

Siham says her eyebrows will take nine months to fully develop but she’s already happy with the results.

She said: “Eyebrows are such a big part of your face and identity.”

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