By George Mathias

A nervous groom mixed up his words at the altar – and said to his bride he would “laugh at you when you’re sad”.

Robert Thomson, 36, inadvertently brought the house down after confusing the phrase “comfort you when you’re sad”.

Bride Amy, 33, and Robert had their big day on April 13, 2023 at the Reid Rooms in Essex.


The couple, from Hadleigh, Essex, said the gaffe was a “moment to remember.”

Robert, a construction worker, said: “It was such a lovely day. I was full of nerves hence me stumbling on my vows.

“I was waiting for Amy for nearly 45 minutes as she was running late – which made me even more nervous!

“I did see the funny side of it. It’s a moment no one can forget or live down – and our family and friends definitely saw the funny side of it too!

Amy, a learning support assistant said: “It was like a Carry On film! I don’t think he realised until the reaction. We’ll never forget it.”

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