This is the heart stopping moment that a base jumper takes a leap of faith and skis off an Icy mountain.

Extreme sports fanatic and ex-royal marine Tim Howell filmed the exciting video on January 7th 2020.

SWNS_MOUNTAIN_SKI_JUMP_001.jpg Image by: Tim Howell

This is the heart-stopping moment a base jumper literally took a leap of faith - and skied off an icy mountain top.

Ex-Royal Marine Tim Howell hurtled off the slope then parasailed to make a safe landing on a frozen lake in Oeschinen Kandersteg, Switzerland.

The video, shot on January 7th 2020, also shows his good friend Maria Mcfly performing the same daring feat.

Extreme sports fanatic Tim, 28, from Martock, Somerset, said: “We set out to jump from this well photographed cliff.

"It is a very popular area for hiking and swimming in the summer.

"In winter the frozen lake is used for ice fishing and ice hockey, so new knew it would be thick enough to land on.”

“We finally found a part of the cliff that was steep enough and big enough. Landing on the lake was a really odd experience.

"We skated back to shore over big cracks in the ice.”

Video by: Tim Howell