Where have you FIN all my life- Meet the worlds friendliest dolphin who has made best friends for life in both humans and dogs!!

Jojo is an Atlantic bottle nosed dolphin who lives in the waters of Turks & Caicos with his family. He has a rare personality and loves to actively seek out human interaction.

SWNS_FRIENDLY_DOLPHIN_009.jpg Image by: Adam Harnett

Meet Jojo - the world's friendliest wild dolphin who has made best friends for life with both humans and dogs!!

Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphin Jojo, who lives in the waters of Turks & Caicos, has a rare personality and actively seeks out human interaction.

He will chase his human friends at 'Wake to Wake Watersports' as they whizz past on their surfboards and speedboats - or enjoy a gentle swim with his 'best friend' - eight-year-old cocker spaniel Zyzz.

The heart-warming footage of the playful dolphin was provided by Wake to Wake Watersports, who operate out of Jojo’s home of Turks & Caicos.

SWNS_FRIENDLY_DOLPHIN_007.jpg Image by: Adam Harnett SWNS_FRIENDLY_DOLPHIN_008.jpg Image by: Adam Harnett SWNS_FRIENDLY_DOLPHIN_003.jpg Image by: Adam Harnett SWNS_FRIENDLY_DOLPHIN_001.jpg Image by: Adam Harnett

Mark De Fraine, on behalf of Wake To Wake, said: "We feel extremely lucky as Jojo seems to love our boat as much as we do!

"We often stop when we see him and he will swim over and look at the bottom of the boat.

“There is a tracking fin on the underside which resembles a dorsal fin and we have found that Jojo seems to really enjoy examining it.

“When we start moving and we kick up a good surfing wave Jojo jumps right in and loves to surf with us!

"On many occasions we bump into him as we are heading out onto the water and he will join in for the ride, or just wants to hang out.

“Jojo has spent time surfing, swimming and even Subwinging with our guests - it’s always an unforgettable experience!”

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Video by: Gabriella Petty