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A rock fan dad was given a surprise performance after his unborn baby was seen making a heavy metal sign in the womb during a baby scan.

Tom Dowie, 29, and fiancée Caitlin Welsh, 28 were at their 19 week scan last month when their unborn baby gave them the ‘sign of the horns’.

The cheeky baby appeared to be holding up its index and little finger while holding its other fingers – looking exactly like the heavy metal rock sign.

The couple said the sonographer allowed the couple to take a picture as she had not seen anything like it during her 20-year career.

The surprised pair from Glasgow, Scotland, are leaving the sex of their baby a surprise until the due date in March.

Self-employed businessman Tom, said: “The sonographer said she had been doing it for almost 20 years and had never seen anything like this.

“I’m an old school heavy metal fan so this really is quite something.

“I listen to old school bands like Slayer, Megadeth and Sylosis and Panthers.

“So I’m pretty chuffed he or she will take after their dad.

“At the last scan the baby was just flipping about.

“He or she was seemed very keen to just get out.

“We looked over at the screen and saw the hand.

“We were just really quite shocked.”

SWNS_ROCKER_SCAN_004.jpgImage by: Tom DowieSWNS_ROCKER_SCAN_003.jpgImage by: Tom Dowie

The couple – who run beard grooming company Bedfordshire Beard Co together, had brought daughter Freya, 2, along with them at the scan on 2 November at private clinic Baby Stepps.

Caitlyn said: “Obviously when Tom blares out his heavy metal when we’re working the baby seems to be enjoying it.

“We’ve shown Freya and she knows she’s getting a little brother or sister.

“She doesn’t really have much to say on the hand gesture but she knows we find it all rather funny.

“We were just so shocked when we saw it.

“We just had to get a photo as a keepsake.

“We’re very excited to meet him or her.”

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