SWNS.Rocks is the quickest way of accessing our newswire - words, pictures and video all in one place.

With your login you  can browse, search and download over 100 news stories every day with up to 1000 new editorial photographs and video clips. Whether you want breaking news, viral content or engaging real life features you’ll find it here – fast.

  • Asset – a single piece of news, it could be a photo, video or text.
  • Story – a wrapper which can hold a number of different assets.
  • Download – to simplify reporting  we count downloads as usage, you can see your downloads in your account

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We can deliver our content by many methods including Media RSS, FTP, FingerPost, WordPress Plugin and API but the simplest way to stay up to date is by email. Our emails connect direct to our SWNS.Rocks database to put you closer to our content than ever before. If you no longer need our emails just drop us a line – we promise not to spam your inbox.

Simple controls - fast access

The story list view is newest first and has small icons to show the number of different assets contained in each story. Some of our stories are updated throughout the day so you might notice that number of assets increase. If we file a significant update to a story we will move it to the back top of the story grid.

You can search the headline and strapline in the box on the top right of the page, you can further narrow down your search results with the options on the left. When you click on a story you can read the full copy and preview the video fullscreen. If you decide you want the content you can download the assets together as a zip or individually using the small cloud icons.