Sell your photos, videos or stories with SWNS

From citizen journalists to professional photographers we have the experience to make the most of your content. Thanks to a grant from the Google DNI we have a platform where you can track usage and get paid fast.

Our main customers are news publishers, we have been building our client base for over 30 years. You can see the byline 'SWNS' on websites like the Mirror,  Daily Mail, Sun, Yahoo and ITV but we also sell to TV and magazines. To reach the maximum market we also work with a worldwide network of revenue share partners.

We aim to make selling your news with SWNS as easy as possible

When you work with us you will be agreeing that you haven't broken the law to get the photo, video or story, and that you own the copyright. We are agreeing that you keep that copyright, that we'll pay you when your content gets used and that you'll get a credit or byline, where possible, if you want. Our full terms and conditions are available here.

You can register for an account on our new platform at the bottom of this page and we'll send you your login details. You can then upload your pictures, copy or video, you can also send it by email to or upload at We'd like to receive your pictures at the highest resolution available, ideally at least 3000 pixels on their longest length.

We've got a team of journalists to process and verify your content, while we won't always be able to respond, every submission will be assessed. Then it's up to us to turn your content into a news story and find a publisher, if it gets published online you'll be able to see that on your account almost straight away. We'll then pay you (by BACS or Paypal) within days of each usage.

The amount you can earn from a photo, video or story varies depending on the publisher. Generally online usage earns a smaller fee than use in print. Sometimes we can negotiate an exclusive fee with one publisher, sometimes we'll make content available to several publishers at the same time for a lower fee. Not all publishers are willing to pay for content but we believe content creators deserve to be recognised and rewarded for their work. We use our experience to get the best fee in each case.

To get your content used you need to be first - or best

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