State-of-the art technology allows SWNS to deliver breaking news faster than any other agency

In 2015, SWNS began designing a system to allow for the near-instantaneous transmission of stories - rich media packages of words, images and audio visual content.

In late August 2017, SWNS launched beta - the innovative content delivery and usage attribution system. SWNS features a lightening-fast Story API, which is now in production and transmits content to websites and news desks at near real-time. Through the innovative use of webhooks, our clients can get notified of the stories they want instantaneously, and can pull content as and when they wish. Our contributors are able in near-real time see the usage of their content and the payments they are due.

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Benefits for publishers

When breaking news happens, you can make sure you are the first to publish it by pulling it directly from the API and pushing it straight to your CMS.

Your developers can get an account on the Story API, and configure your software to listen out for notifications (webhooks) that the content you want has been published by the SWNS editorial team. You get the notification and you can automatically pull all the content you want from these stories right into your CMS, ready for your final oversight. Read more about the .rocks platform for publishers here.

Benefits for contributors

When you submit your content to, the editorial team can fashion it into the story they know the newsdesks will buy. Immediately we get a record that any part of your story - say some text, an image, or an audiovisual file - gets used on a website, in a newspaper, or is bought by a media buyer, you will see your payment in the system. Its that simple.

How do we do this? We have a team of staff who check over all of our client's content manually, looking for examples of usage. To aid them in this tricky task, features a unique content spider (affectionately nicknamed 'Drut') which automates this by visiting all of our client's websites, and compares the content they publish with the content we keep in our database. It is a revolution in transparent citizen journalism. Read more about the .rocks platform for contributors here.