Royal Mail Apologises After Demanding Postie’s Outfit Back The Day After He Died – And Threatening Family With Arrest

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Postman Garth Linham

Much-loved Garth Linham – a postie for 30 years – was found dead aged 57 after suffering a heart attack.

Driver Stunned After UK’s Rarest Animal The BLACK Fox Jumped In His Van

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Incredible footage captures Britain's rarest animal - the black fox - on a busy industrial in Sale, Gtr Mancs.

A driver was stunned after the UK’s rarest animal tried to jump in his van – the elusive BLACK fox. Shocked Sam Houghton couldn’t believe his eyes when the unusual creature attempted to climb into his vehicle. The black colouring is common on growing fox cubs before they grow their standard issue dark chestnut coat….

Cancer Survivor Who Exposed Phony Spiritual Healer Is To Appear On Great British Bake Off

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The Great British Bake Off contestant Chris Geiger from Bristol.

Chris Geiger, 50, has written a book on surviving cancer and went undercover with the BBC in 2013 to investigate Dr Corascendea Cathar.

Mum Expecting Triplets Forced To Sacrifice Conjoined Twins To Save Other Baby

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Thomas the son of Jemma Haig and her fiancé Murray McKirdy in hospital.

Jemma Haig, 20, and her fiancé Murray McKirdy were over the moon when a routine scan revealed that they were expecting not one but three babies last year.

Mysterious ‘UFO’ Spotted In Somerset Skies

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This mysterious 'UFO' has been captured on video circling over a remote country town for several minutes. See SWNS story SWUFO: The video shows three orange balls moving in the sky which repeatedly change direction as they are followed by a trail of sparkling white light. Jeremy Le Fevre spotted in UFO in the skies near his home of Frome, Somerset, on Saturday evening (Aug 19). He was amazed to see the strange object, which moved erratically and appeared to emit green lights, and filmed its unusual movements.

The video shows three orange balls moving in the sky which repeatedly change direction as they are followed by a trail of sparkling white light.

Actress And Playboy Model Dubbed ‘World’s Hottest Mum’ Says Motherhood Has Made Her Body Even Better

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Playboy model Ildiko Ferenczi - the world’s hottest mum - who has shared her breastfeeding pictures to show you should not be afraid to breastfeed in public.

Canadian actress Ildiko Ferenczi, who is in her late 20s, says she feels “sexier in every single way” since giving birth.

WATCH : Shocking Video Shows ‘Sewage’ Seeping Into London Burger King

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Shocking footage show what appears to be human waste on the floor of a west London Burger King branch after localised flooding covered the tiles in a thick brown sludge.

Two videos, taken by an outraged customer, show the filthy downstairs area of the Burger King branch

Five-Year-Old Facing Fight Against Rare Condition That Causes His Face And Body To Swell Like A Balloon

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Mckenzie Watson, five, has been diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome.

Former Bodybuilding Champ Survives Potentially Fatal Sepsis Attack – Thanks To His Huge MUSCLES

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Paul Jenny.

Father-of-four Paul Jenny, 47, was close to death after losing 30 years worth of muscle in just eight weeks as the life-threatening infection took over his body.

WATCH : Dramatic Footage Shows Asian Man Attacking Yob After Being Bombarded With Racist Abuse

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This is the shocking moment a victim of racism took matters into his own hands - by punching a yob in the face who had been giving him torrents of vile abuse.

Attiq Khan, 29, says he was innocently sitting in his car when a thug started to hurl racist insults at him.

Eight Police Officers Swoop On Pensioner’s House To Seize ‘Dangerous’ Yorkshire’ Terrier

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Tiny 'terror' Alfie.

Police stormed the 73-year-old’s home after tiny ‘terror’ Alfie chased a delivery man.

Student Disqualified From A-Levels For ‘Cheating’ Has Aced Resits

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Fabienne Ruttledge receives A* after retaking A- level exam

Fabienne Ruttledge was ‘devastated’ when she was disqualified from her final sociology exam last June after three of the questions were posted in a WhatsApp group.

Volkswagen Campervan Returns – And This Time It’s All-Electric And Capable Of 0-60mph In Five Seconds

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Volkswagen’s I.D. BUZZ concept car, a fully electric vehicle that taps into the spirit and vibe that made the VW Microbus such an iconic vehicle.

VW has now announced the hippy and surfers’ favourite will be making a return to the roads by 2022

Inside The Secret Car Park Where Wealthy Collectors Spend Thousands Hiding Their Cars

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Some of the valuable cars inside the secretive Windrush car storage site in London, which contains over £100 million worth of cars.

Million-pound motors from the likes of Bugatti and Ferrari line Windrush’s two storage facilities – dubbed the Batcaves.

Adorable Baby Owl With Serious Growth Disorder Has Been Given Leg SPLINTS To Help Her Walk

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Boo Boo the owl at Hendra Farm at Pelynt, Cornwall.

Boo Boo, a three month-old Turkmenian Eagle owl, will never be able to fly because her limbs are not strong enough to land on.

WATCH : This Two-Year-Old Petrolhead Can Identify 50 Different Types Of Car!

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Car loving Nicholas Drake.

Footage shows adorable Nicholas Drake reeling off the makes and models of various vehicle – including a Mustang, Tesla, Corvette and Pontiac.

Brave Superhero Fan Fighting Cancer Sent Artwork From Strangers Around The World

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Dexter Liebow has been inundated with artworks after a Facebook appeal

Brave Dexter Liebow has been in and out of hospital since he was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma in October last year.