Our team of dedicated writers source and produce human interest features that span across a wide range of topics including relationships, families, parenting, health, lifestyle and crime.​

We specialise in real-life content - with ordinary people doing extraordinary things being at the heart of the stories we cover.

We provide in-depth first- or third-person editorial features to brands such as the Mail Online, Closer, Take a Break, and Bella among others.

We also arrange for our interviewees to appear on TV programs such as This Morning, Good Morning Britain and Loose Women - and work with TV production companies across the globe.​

We work with interviewees on an exclusive basis, managing their media coverage and appearances.​

Our features copy is tailored to the client, legally sound and ready to publish – our interviewees are always prepped to ensure they are broadcast-ready​. We have access to interviewees at the heart of the biggest, most-talked about and high-profile stories across the world.