Five-Year-Old Boy Hailed Hero For Saving Little Brother Choking On Meatball

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Oliver (L) and Stanley (R) Bevans from Tean, Staffs.

Little Oliver Bevans managed to stay calm after Stanley, three, had the chunk of food lodged in his throat.

One Of The World’s Biggest Babies Born In US Weighs Whopping 14.4Lbs

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Collect photos from the family.

Whopping Austin Keisler is the same size as a five month old toddler and twice as heavy as the average newborn.

Rook Rules The Roost! – Woman Adopts Disabled Rook Who Steals Her Jewellery And Gets Jealous Of Her Husband

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Helen Motterram, 35 with her pet rook called Russell Crow which she rescued when he was a baby with a broken wing and deformed feet, Cheltenham.

Caring Helen Motteram took the injured bird in after realising it wasn’t able to fly and wouldn’t survive in the wild.

Dad Praises NHS Staff For Saving Young Sons Life After He Nearly Died Choking On A GRAPE

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Oli Hulbert pictured in hospital as he recovered from choking on a grape.

Steve Hulbert feared his son Oli was about to die after he went limp and his lips turned blue after swallowing the fruit.

Eco-Couple Serve Wedding Dinner Made Entirely Of Waste Food

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Seigo Robinson, 31, and Romilde Kotzé, 32 on their wedding day in Granchester, Cambridge.

They hired a waste food charity as caterers to serve up a buffet of huge helpings of rejected gingerbread men, banana skin curries and mushroom goulash instead.

WATCH – Man Hit By Bus Miraculously Survives And Heads To Pub After Dusting Himself Down

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CCTV of the moment Simon Smith, 53, was thrown down the street when the runaway double decker careered onto the pavement and ploughed straight into him in Reading, Berkshire. See Masons copy MNALIVE: This is the moment a man miraculously survives being hit and almost run over by an out of control bus - before walking away almost completely unharmed. Simon Smith, 53, was thrown down the street when the runaway double decker careered onto the pavement and ploughed straight into him. The impact of his head hitting the windscreen shattered the glass, yet he got up from the pavement seconds later. Astonishing CCTV footage taken at the scene shows Simon calmly walking into a bar moments after the shocking incident.

Simon Smith, 53, was thrown down the street when the runaway double decker careered onto the pavement and ploughed straight into him.

Bride Rips Up Wedding Photos After Looking Back At Her 26 Stone Frame – Then Shreds 13 STONE

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Debbie Dyson-Fussey shed half her weight after feeling disgusted by her wedding photos, pictured with husband Paul before her weight loss, June 27 2017.

Debbie Dyson-Fussey was a size 26 at her heaviest and flew into a rage after revisiting her 2009 wedding snaps.

A-Level Student Who Tragically Died After Being Struck By Car Saves Nine Lives By Donating Organs

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Kate Whalley who was killed after a car hit her as she made her way home after getting off the bus in at the top of Old Pool Bank, Pool in Wharfedale.

Pretty Kate Whalley was hit by a black Ford Fiesta ST after getting off the bus and was in sight of her home when tragedy hit

Cash Strapped School Sparks Fury With Plans To Finish At Lunchtime On Fridays

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Danemill Primary School, Enderby, Leicester, which has proposed an early close on Fridays.

A letter was sent to parents of Danemill Primary School suggesting pupils will finish at 1.05pm

WATCH – Pensioner Enjoying Afternoon Tea Tells Bystander To Move So She Can Get Better Look At Naked Cyclists

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This is the hilarious moment a posh pensioner finishing her afternoon tea told a bystander to move out the way - so she could get a better look at some NAKED bikers.

The video shows the elderly lady sat in the window of Betty’s tearoom in York telling a man stood against the window to move so she could gander at the naked group.

Terminally-Ill Dad Racing Round Globe To Complete Bucket List Challenge To Visit 50 Countries

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Ron Flewett - British Virgin Islands, Caribbean.

Dad-of-two Ron, 56, and wife Maxine set themselves the globe-trotting goal after he was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and given three to five years to live

Nine-Year-Old Who Lost Both Legs As A Toddler Beats The Odds And Becomes Swimming Star

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Kacper Siwinski with his mum Justyna Iwanow.

Brave Kacper Siwinski loves nothing more than being in the water and his disability has never held him back from enjoying his favourite hobby.

Britain’s Most Hipster School Opens With No Rules, No Exams And Lessons In A Yurt

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Children singing -  Green House Education Project, South Stoke House, Packhorse Lane, South Stoke, Bath.

Pupils at The Green House Education Project spend their time playing outside and wearing what they like.

Mum Reveals Heartbreak Of Not Being Able To See Newborn Baby For Months After Pregnancy Turned Her BLIND

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Leah Fisher, 26,  with son Archie

Diabetes sufferer Leah Fisher, 26, had perfect vision before conceiving but was left with “eyes like a 90-year-old” by the time Archie was born.

Group Of Mates Raise £20,000 For Cancer Charity Visiting French Towns With BREAST Related Names

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The Tour De Lard in Brest, France.

Ten middle-aged men dubbed the Tour De Lard donned pink wigs for the week-long lads’ roadtrip from Bristol to Brest, Northern France, and back.

School Orders Girls To Kneel On Chairs To Measure How Far Skirts Ride Up Their Legs

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A secondary school has been accused of using "draconian law" after issuing a letter saying that girls should KNEEL on plastic chairs to have their skirt length measured.

The bizarre measuring technique was outlined by the secondary school in a letter sent to parents in a crackdown on uniform “compliance”.

Warehouse Worker Now Makes £2,000 A Week Dressing As A Woman For Men On Webcam

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Mike Turner before his transformation.

Mike Turner, 24, first wore a wig, dress and heels as a Halloween costume on a night out with pals – but realised he loved the feeling of being a lady.