Hindu And Jewish Women Marry In Britain’s First Interfaith Lesbian Wedding

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Kalavati Mistry and Miriam Jefferson

Kalavati Mistry and Miriam Jefferson married 20 years after falling for each other on a training course

QUEASY JET! – Man Gets Flight Sandwich Ten YEARS Out Of Date

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The 'old' sandwich.

Shocked Adrian Bell, 59, was returning to the UK from a holiday in Zante with his wife, Lindsey, 42, when he purchased the cheese toastie.

23st Woman Driven To Depression By Vicious Bullying Campaign Loses Half Her Bodyweight

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Hope Desroches, 36 before her weight loss.

Morbidly obese Hope Desroches, 36, was cruelly taunted by “athletic barbies” in her teens who threw rubbish at her and screamed “fat cow” whenever she walked past.

Dog That Had Ears Chopped Off As A Puppy Gets New Home!

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JoJo, a ten-year-old Welsh corgi with Molly.

JoJo, a ten-year-old Welsh corgi, suffered a campaign of cruelty at the hands of a neglectful owner.

Couple’s Parking Space At New Home Is So Narrow At Just 89 Inches They Can’t Open Car Doors

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Zena Jones aged 54 from Great Barr, Birmingham.

Paul Jones, 34, and wife Zena, 54, believe they could have Britain’s smallest parking space after moving into the £90,000 home in February.

Red-Faced Teen Rescued By Firefighters After Getting Trapped In Toddler’s Swing

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15-year-old Kira Albus from Leicester has thanked firefighters and warned other teenagers after getting stuck in a toddler swing at the local park following a bet with a friend to try getting into, and then out of, the tiny seat.

Kira Albus, 15, became firmly wedged in the kid’s playground equipment after she was dared to get in by friends on Friday night (11/8).

Dog Causes A Stir When She Picked Up A Dummy On Her Daily Walk

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David Pressler with puppy Bella.

Puzzled David Pressler could not understand why folk were laughing, pointing and taking pictures of himself and puppy Bella.

Lotto Gran Who Tried To Claim £33m Lottery Jackpot Dies After Suspected Heart Attack

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Lotto Gran Susanne Hinte.

The 49-year-old hit the headlines after making a failed bid for the mega payout saying she had put the winning ticket through the wash with a pair of jeans.

Grounded Pet Goose Gets Flying Lessons From The Experts By Regularly Visiting RAF Air Shows

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Jack the Goose, at Fairford Airshow learning how to fly, RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire.

Jack the Chinese Gray Gander goose lives a life of luxury in the home of his owners Sally Eynon, 45, and Keith Burgess, 58.

Little Girl Has Rare Condition Which Means She Never Feels Full And Is Constantly HUNGRY

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Little Megan Adams-Fitzgerald.

Little Megan Adams-Fitzgerald has Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) – which causes her to experience endless urges to eat.

Gamekeeper Saved His Own Life When Tree Fell On Top Of Him By Using Chainsaw To Hack Himself Free

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Kieron Robbins being treated at the scene after a tree fell in on him in Catchems End woodland nearAbberley in Worcestershire

Kieron Robbins, 34, was left desperately screaming for help in the middle of woodland after the 90ft tall Ash fell on his legs

More Travel Chaos In London After Train Derailed At Waterloo

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A train has derailed at Waterloo station adding to chaos already caused by ongoing engineering work.

Passengers have be told to completely avoid London after the train partially derailed because of a ‘operational incident’, South West Trains said.

Mum Issues Warning After Seven-Year-Old Son Suffers Allergic Reaction To Henna Tattoo

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Theo Luckett, 7, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, suffered an allergic reaction to a henna tattoo while on holiday in Sozopol in Bulgaria.

Little Theo Luckett could be scarred for life after what was supposed to be a treat during a family trip abroad ended in disaster.

Airport Car Parking Firm Return Mini To Owner On The Back Of AA Recovery Truck!

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Stephanie Bland, 31 with her boyfriend Rich Robinson, 33.

Stephanie Bland, 31, left her perfectly-working car with the official Stansted Airport meet and greet service during a week in Portugal with boyfriend Rich Robinson, 33.

Seeing Double! – 13 Sets Of Adorable Twins To Start Primary School In Just One Area Of Scotland

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Thirteen sets of twins gather at St Patrick's Primary School, Greenock, before starting school across Inverclyde, Scotland.

The children will join a remarkable 151 sets of twins who attend primary schools across Inverclyde.

Hospital Errors Contributed To Patient Dying After Drinking Full Bottle Of Hand Sanitiser

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John Haughey, 76.

John Haughey, 76, drained the 535ml bottle of sanitiser – which was 75 per cent alcohol – after being admitted to hospital following a chest infection

British Man Locates Missing Four-Year-Old-Girl In The US From His Bedroom – 5,000 MILES Away

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Yvette Henley with Gary Forester

Harry Brown, 21, traced little Yvette Henley to a motel in Arizona by convincing her estranged father – who had fled the state – to let him order a PIZZA to his room.