Passengers Cheer As Two ‘Rowdy’ Women Are Removed From EasyJet Flight For ‘Shouting Allahu Akbar’

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This is the moment an entire plane full of passengers cheered as two ‘rowdy’ women were escorted off an EasyJet flight by police for allegedly shouting Allahu Akbar. See Talk To The Press story. Thomas Hayward, 25, captured the moment two women on his flight from Prague to London Stansted were escorted after two hours of being disruptive. Essex police confirmed they were called to reports of disruptive behaviour and escorted the passengers off the plane at 9.15pm on Valentine’s Day. Thomas, a teacher from Twickenham, south west London, was returning to the UK following a romantic break with his girlfriend recorded the moment passengers cheered on his phone.

Thomas Hayward, 25, captured the moment officers boarded the flight at London Stansted after it arrived from Prague.

Four-Year-Old Scarred For Life After Having Chunk Of Lip Ripped Off By Devil Dog

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Four year old Jonathan Bloor njuries after the dog attack. See NTI story NTIMAUL; A mother has recalled her horror after her four-year-old son was savaged by an out of control dog. Mum-of-three Gemma Bloor was walking with her children on a path behind houses in Tilehurst Place, near Blurton Community Centre, when her son was attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He had to have reconstructive surgery on his bottom lip after the dog nearly tore it away from his face. He has now fully recovered, but will have a scar for the rest of his life. Staffordshire Police has launched an investigation into the incident and is looking for the dog and owner in question.

Little Jonathan Bloor needed reconstructive surgery after having his face savaged by the crazed mutt

Models Wearing Crocodile Masks Pose In Bikinis In Protest Against Use Of Crocodiles In Fashion

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A trio of nearly naked models dressed in little more than lingerie and crocodile masks crash the first day of London Fashion Week, brandishing signs proclaiming, "Cruelty to Crocodiles Unmasked" and "Animals Die for Exotic Skins"

The beauties wore fake crocodile masks as part of their snappy protest against the likes of Louis Vuitton for using their leather to make expensive bags.

Mum Claims Her Toddler Suffered Seizures After Being Given The ‘Wrong’ Medication

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Eve Williams with mum Jenni Williams who claims a pharmacy gave her four-year-old daughter the 'wrong' medication, that gave her a seizure.

Epileptic Eve Williams suffered a seizure just days after taking the medicine, which her mum Jenni believes was caused by the prescription error.

Dying Rescue Dog Back On Her Paws After Being Fitted With Pacemaker

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Molly, a five-year-old terrier cross who has had a pacemaker fitted after being diagnosed with a third degree heart block.  See NTI story NTIHEART.  The condition meant her heart was beating too slowly and would have eventually killed her if left untreated.  The two-hour proceedure to fit the pacemaker was funded by an appeal to raise £2500 by the RSPCA, where Molly is currently being homed.  The intricate operation was carried out by Chris Linney, head of cardiology at Willows, a state of the art animal centre in Solihull, West Midlands.

Terrier cross Molly was diagnosed with a third degree cardiac block, meaning her heart was beating too slowly, and she would die if the condition was left untreated.

Carer Waiting For Police Apology After They Issue CCTV Photos To Media Accusing Her Of £800 Card Theft

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Katie Anne Seaman near her home in Ely, Cambs.

Katie-Anne Seaman, 24, was horrified to find she was wanted ‘in connection with’ the theft of £800 from a cashpoint

Heartbreaking Final Letters Of Dad Thanking Family For The ‘Adventure’ Before Dying Aged 39

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Collect photo of Richard Moss who died aged 39. See Ross Parry story RPYDAD; A dad penned a series of emotional letters filled with love and pride for his family before his death at just 39.Richard Moss died on Tuesday, February 7, exactly a month after doctors at Hull Royal Infirmary discovered three brain tumours. Mr Moss's heartbroken wife, Lisa, 40, has allowed the Mail to publish one of his touching letters, which is simply titled 'My Adventure'. Lisa Moss, right, looks at a letter written by her husband Richard An excerpt reads: "Lisa, you have been the best adventure teammate possible. From the first time I met you, I knew you were the one. I've never met a more caring, compassionate and lovable lady. "My four sons, keep strong for each other and your mum. You've made me so proud each one of you and you can achieve all you want in your adventure. Just be happy.

The poignant letters have been released by his wife, Lisa, after his early death

WATCH : Children Having The Time Of Their Lives As They Run Around Room Decked Out In BUBBLE WRAP

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Love popping bubble wrap? Imagine having the chance to run around a huge hall carpeted with bubble wrap, whilst wearing a suit made of bubble wrap and eating popping candy.

The noisy fun was capturedby Matt and Sam Allan, who decided to carpet their village hall to raise money for charity.

Amputee Granddad Who Drives Mobility Scooter Receives Fine For A 180mph PORSCHE In Mix-Up

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Richard Sullivan on his mobility scooter at his Bristol home.

Richard Sullivan, 63, lost his left leg in November after a work accident and has ridden a scooter since he was forced to stop driving two years ago.

‘Accident Waiting To Happen’ : Aldi Agree To Fit Safety Straps To Its Trolleys After Crusading Mum Wins Campaign

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Jodie Shawcross from Ashton under Lyne, Manchester, with her  son Stanley and the children's seat of an Aldi trolley which she has successfully campaigned to change.

Jodie became concerned when she realised her 10-month-old was able to stand up in a trolley while she was shopping

Police Probe Hate Crime Allegation After Partygoers Claim They Were Refused Nightclub Entry Because They Are Black

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Mahalia Hamid, 24, of Nottingham, outside Volt nightclub, Nottingham.

Mahalia Hamid paid £300 to pre-book a VIP table to celebrate her 24th birthday with nine friends at award-winning club called Volt.

WATCH : Angry Passenger Hurls Bottle At Motorist’s Windscreen Following Argument

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Dramatic dashcam footage captures the moment a road rage thug attacks another driver by pelting his car with a plastic bottle

The pair had been involved in a bust-up as they approached a junction.

Woman Who Beat Bulimia Becomes Viral Sensation After Sharing Pictures Of Her Fuller Figure With And Without Shapewear Pants

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Olivia Callaghan, 24  (showing with and without body shape underware) proudly showing her belly after battling bulimia.

Olivia Callaghan, 24, uses Instagram to document her recovery from an eating disorder which dominated her life for four years.

Autistic Teen Left With Shocking Injuries After Being Brutally Beaten By Female Yob

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Emily O' Reilly from Walsall, West Midlands.

Emily O’Reilly had been walking to a friend’s house when she was pulled to the ground by her hair during the unprovoked assault.

Adorable Rescue Dog Has Become Real Ruff Riding Motorbike Sensation In Leathers And Goggles

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This dog is a real-life Hairy Barker - and goes on motorbike rides dressed in full leather gear and goggles

The motorcycle-loving hound called Milly is a regular sight speeding around the country lanes in jacket and helmet.

Adorable Baby Girl Has So Much Hair People Think She’s Wearing A WIG

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Kate Mason and four-month-old daughter Primrose Holloway, of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

Pretty Primrose Holloway is so hirsute she has to wear a hat when her mum is in a rush – otherwise she gets so much attention she can’t get anything done.

Lucky Escape : Shocking Moment Car Runs Into Drunk Man Down Dark Country Road

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The drunken man is seen for only a split second before Tom Wiltshire, 23 crashes into him on the A435 near Cheltenham.

Motorist Tom Wiltshire, 23, screamed with horror when he realised he could not avoid hitting the reveller