How ”big data” is entering the world video marketing

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How ''big data'' is entering the world video marketing

The expression “show, don’t tell” has long been the cornerstone of many communication philosophies.

The Significance of Reading

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The significance of reading

Very often we hear that reading is a key to people’s development. No doubts, that reading is one of the most useful habits ever.

New mum gave birth on the TOILET after midwife sent her home from hospital – despite having contractions

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Baby Olivia Holmes pictured in hospital just a few days old SWNS)

First-time-mum Sophie Holmes, 28, went to hospital just three days into her maternity leave with partner Dan Holmes, when her waters broke and she started having contractions. But staff at the hospital said there was no way the baby was coming 14 days early, because her cervix was still closed, and told her to go home and take a hot bath.

One-year-old girl suffers horrific burns after skate ramp hits 51 degrees

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Blisters on Eva's hand (SWNS)

Little Eva Carrington screamed in pain and her tiny hands started melting onto the metal just seconds after they came into contact with the bottom of the ramp. Shocked mum Lucy Brown, 33, rushed the tot to a GP surgery over the road where doctors put her hands in water and gave her morphine for the pain.

Woman describes miracle escape from ‘unsurviveable’ crash where she was crushed between two lorries

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The wreckage of Katie Holt's car after it was crushed between two lorries (Steve Argent / SWNS)

Katie Holt’s VW Golf was mangled into such a small space that the emergency services didn’t realise it was there at first – let alone there was a survivor trapped inside. The 39-year-old was cut from the wreckage and airlifted to hospital where she was treated for skull and back fractures and a broken left arm.

Mobile Devices Have Increased the Number of Online Gamers

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There was a time not too long ago when the boomers were the largest portion of the population to access gaming sites online. Today growing numbers of millennials have joined the ranks of online gamers and are forecast to overtake the elder generation for a number of reasons. When looking at gaming in the UK,… is your easy way to successful graduation

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Writing essays is an important part of studying (Picture: Tulane Publications)

The more the student studies, the more assignments he needs to accomplish, that is why finding good essay writer should be a highest priority to him.

Uni student collects first class honours degree hours after giving birth!

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Georgia Hollis-Whitaker, who gave birth to daughter Olivia O’Callaghan just hours before her university graduation ceremony - with partner Jamie O'Callaghan (Aaron Chown / SWNS)

Georgia Hollis-Whitaker, 21, was admitted to a hospital maternity ward with labour pains last Friday night (15/7). After a few hours she was rushed into the delivery room where she gave birth to Olivia O’Callaghan, who weighed 5lb 15oz, at 12.46am on Saturday (16/7).

Youngsters risk their lives during the heatwave by tombstoning 65ft at Dead Man’s Cove

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(James Dadzitis / SWNS)

Around a dozen reckless daredevils cooled off by launching themselves 65ft and plummeting into the waters below. Their behaviour has been condemned by shocked onlookers who criticised their dangerous actions.

“Health and safety gone mad” : Trucker stunned as firm send him home on hottest day of the year – for wearing SHORTS

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Truck driver Graeme Woods, 40, from Preston (Lancashire Evening Post / SWNS)

Graeme Woods, 40, thought he was being sensible turning up for his shift in shorts on Tuesday as temperatures soared above 30C. But his manager refused to to let him take his truck on the road and told the stunned lorry driver that shorts are not allowed for health and safety reasons.

Woman who raised an orphaned baby crow says it won’t leave her side and is learning to TALK

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Vikkie Kenward, 29, adopted the little bird in May after it fell out of its nest and was lying abandoned by a roadside. She called it Fagin – after the pickpocket in Oliver Twist – and hand-reared the new arrival, feeding it every 15 minutes and letting it nestle in the hood of her jumper.

Tributes to loving couple who died in tragic crash

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Sarah Delf and Oliver Appleby who died A140 near Diss, Norfolk (SWNS)

Sarah Delf, a PhD student who wanted to be a vet, and Oliver Appleby, both 24, were travelling back to their home when the tragedy happened. An inquest heard that she had been out the night before the crash and not got back until 4am.

Loved-up couple become first in the UK to get married down a MINE

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Sharon Hinchcliffe and Alan Torr tie the knot 140 metres underground at the National Coal Mining Museum (SWNS)

Newly married Sharon Torr, 58, and her husband Alan, 68, spent just six months organising their unusual wedding venue. It was both as a homage to Sharon’s coal mining background and to ensure a wedding completely different to any other.

Graffiti artist thanks parents for support by paying off their MORTGAGE

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This is the moment a graffiti artist thanked his mum and dad for their support at his university graduation - by paying off their MORTGAGE (SWNS)

Andy Evans, 22, decided as a teenager that he would eventually pay for the family home after they urged him to follow his dreams of becoming an artist. So when he sold some art work at a series of exhibitions earlier this year he decided to spent it on mum Jane, 54, and dad, David, 55, instead of himself.

OAP wins path protest against jobsworth workmen who tarmac around her

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Linda Mills (70) staging her protest whilst workers lay the tarmac around her.  A group of workers were captured on video resurfacing a pavement around a disabled woman - trapping her in the middle.  Linda Mills (70) was staging a protest on Greenfinch Road, Smith's Wood, in Birmingham, when the incident occurred.  The footage, captured by Wesley Woolery on a mobile phone, shows Linda  refusing to move out of the way and the men deciding to work around her.  She is believed to have been staging a disability access protest about a drop kerb, according to reports.  The clip shows the woman sitting on a mobility chair in a circle of pavement that is yet to be covered with Tarmac.  She sticks to her guns and refuses to move despite one man levelling out the surface alongside her.

Disabled Linda Mills, 70, refused to budge from the path after workmen refused to drop the kerb on her driveway to allow her to park outside her home. Determined Linda donned her pink slippers and grabbed a newspaper while she sat on her blue zimmer frame forcing the workmen to tarmac around her – leaving her perched on an island.

Labourer passed out on glass roof of shopping centre after downing six pints to celebrate new job!

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Isaac Moore, 27 on the glass roof of the Grand Arcade shopping centre in Cambridge on Saturday 16/07/2016 ( Beatrice Cornwell / SWNS)

He miraculously managed to scale the curved glass roof without injuring himself, before falling asleep face down as shoppers looked up at him in disbelief. Shocked members of the public called the emergency services, resulting in firefighters having to climb up and wake him up, before safely lowering him to safety.

Teenage BMX rider learns how to perform jaw-dropping stunts – despite having only one arm

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Jack Dumper, 18 (SWNS)

Jack Dumper, 18, ties the sleeve of his hoodie to his handlebars and uses his shoulder and upper back to turn the wheels of his bike. The unique method enables the youngster, who was born with no lower left arm due to natural causes, to jump, grind, spin and speed up ramps with ease.