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Sponsored – For the first time in the history of international relations the Second World War veterans and diplomats representing several countries will meet next Sunday 8 May in Hamburg (Germany) for the signing of the Declaration of Nations Reconciliation. The event ‘Message to the World’, held within the framework of the international project mission4peace , will be…

Import-ant entertainment! : America’s favourite imports

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No, ladies, they are not the ingredients for the perfect night out — they’re all examples of America’s favourite imports.
Soccer-playing Beckham topped the list of foreign sports stars we’ve taken to our hearts, ahead of baseball stars David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa.

Bingo for the 18-30 club: Why pensioners are no longer on top

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Bingo, it’s a game that’s been around for hundreds of years and one that’s often associated with those closing in on the century mark.

Global tourism trends to watch throughout summer 2016

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Looking ahead to this year ABTA reported ‘that almost a quarter (23%) of the UK population are expecting to spend more on their holidays, up slightly from 20% last year. Almost one in five people (18%) say they will travel to a country they have never been to before in 2016, compared to 9% who said this last year.’

Schoolgirl had her finger amputated after it was almost ripped off when a playground prank went horribly wrong

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Lola Bennett was rushed to hospital after her hand slipped on a spiked fence as she tried to retrieve her school bag which had been hung there as a joke. She used a tree stump to reach the strap of her bag but her friendship ring got snagged on the fence and tore her finger apart as pals tried to yank off her shoe.

Pay it Forward Day

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Sponsored – This is the sixth year the UK is officially celebrating Pay it Forward Day on the 28th April 2016 when people will be invited to join a worldwide movement in performing random acts of kindness to 3 or more people and asking those people to do the same. Last year, people in 75…

Diamond broach worth thousands of pounds found in a caravan

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A charity for inner city kids had a ‘Del Boy’ moment after a broach worth tens of thousands of pounds was found inside a battered desk – in a run-down CARAVAN. The precious jewel contains 75 diamonds and 34 emeralds and was discovered hidden in a secret drawer of a 19th-century bureau. The piece of…

Post office refuse to deliver to home because of angry CAT which attacks posties

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Scaredy-cat postmen are refusing to deliver to a home because they are being attacked by this angry feline – that looks just like Postman Pat’s pet JESS. Sweet-looking Bella jumps up and grabs the post from the letterbox whenever the postie calls – scratching his fingers. The Royal Mail say it puts mail workers ”at…

Man crowned slimmer of the year after dropping 25 STONE

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Oliver Bales, 24, is now more than half the man he used to be after getting fed up with being ridiculed because of his huge waist – which measured more than 5ft. The once-39stone beast managed to turn his life around and was today (Weds) crowned Slimming World’s Greatest Loser of 2016 – after losing the equivalent weight of a baby KILLER WHALE.

A “bright and bubbly” schoolgirl died after shortage of hospital staff on night shift

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Tragic Emma Welch underwent an apparently successful operation to correct a curvature of her spine just days after undertaking a charity walk up Mount Snowdon. But the following night she suffered an internal bleed which triggered a fatal heart attack and she required emergency surgery.

Prince’s ‘final guitar’ was a purple, carbon-fibre and gold ‘axe’ – built by East Sussex craftsman

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Independent guitar maker Simon Farmer reckons his purple and gold ‘axe’ could be the last one ever bought by the Purple Rain singer – who used it at one of his final concerts. Simon, who has built guitars since he was 14, and made his first designs of Prince’s purple guitar back in 1994, but finally sent it to the rocker at the start of March this year.

Ofsted blasted for downgrading top rural nursery – because staff don’t teach toddlers enough about racial diversity

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The education watchdog even penalised Town and Country Kiddies Nursery in Lincolnshire for not having enough pictures of black and Asian people on the walls. In a report, inspectors criticised the nursery, which caters for children aged from eight-weeks to 11 years, for failing to teach youngsters about other cultures.

Moch Socks: launching a new bamboo sock range

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Sponsored – Strange as it was, this was the beginning of Moch Socks. We’d come across bamboo being used as a fabric for beautiful baby clothes and yoga outfits, but could only find bamboo socks in relatively plain styles. We also knew that bamboo had great properties for making socks out of: it’s super soft, yet durable,…

Lancs agency appoints digital expert as Search Director to build its talented team

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Marketing agency every1 is building up its company team and SEO expertise after appointing a top-level digital strategist. The agency, based in Preston, Lancashire, whose recent successes include marketing for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), has employed Jon Hunter as Search Director, a new role for the company. With ten years’ SEO and search…

Intergas Heating’s design, imagination and innovation are WINNERS!

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In front of a packed audience of 1,100 guests at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Intergas Heating’s HRE Combi Compact boiler was declared Domestic H&V Product of the Year 2016, at the industry’s premier event: the H&V News Awards. From 11 finalists in this category, Intergas was selected as the out-and-out winner because, in the opinion…

Coloured in kittens!

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The black-and-white feline pair had been defaced by callous yobs with blue and green pens when they were found by police and taken to Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Centre (BCWR), West Yorks. Staff at the rescue centre immediately took them to a vets as they were unsure the level of damage the toxic pans could have caused – as cats lick their fur to clean themselves.

Sid – The App for End-to-End Secure Team Communication for Mobile and Desktop now in beta

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WhatsApp has just set a benchmark by introducing end-to-end encryption for private messaging, to everyone. But with the new focus on encrypting social conversations, the question arises why one would take considerably less care in how to conduct professional day to day team communication. Shouldn’t be sending back and forth messages to colleagues or negotiating…