Mum Mistaken By Paramedics For Being Drunk As She Was Suffering Massive Brain Haemorrhage

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Kerry Whitehead and her husband Lee at their home in  Hull

Kerry Whitehead, 43, and her husband had been taking clients to a music festival when she began to feel unwell

‘Calm Down And Go Home!’ : Young Mum Gave Birth On Hospital Toilet Floor After Midwife Told Her She Wasn’t In Labour

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Leanne Spencer with her daughter Athena Leake who was born on the hospital toilet floor

The first-time mum left the antenatal suite, but only made it as far as the ladies’ toilets before giving birth

Couple Accused Of Abusing Baby Over ‘Injuries’ – Which Turned Out To Be A BIRTHMARK

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Parents Amy Agnew and  Stephen Gardner with their children Scarlett and Esmae

Amy Agnew, 24, and Steven Gardener, 32, took Scarlett to Hospital after being concerned about a dark mark on her foot

Together Forever : Devoted Couple Spent Their Final Hours Together Holding Hands

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Audrey and Dennis Fleetwood who died holding hands after spending their lives together

Audrey Fleetwood, 77, had been in hospital for 23 weeks when hubbie Dennis was admitted on November 17 – her birthday

WATCH : Man Takes His Cats Out For Fresh Air By Pushing Them Around In A Trolley

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This is the hilarious moment a pet owner takes his two cats for a walk by pushing them - inside a trolley. See SWNS story SWTROLLEY; Father Nasir bin Mohd was fed up with the cats being stuck inside and wanted them to get some fresh air - without going missing. But instead of using a lead or carrying them, he had the ingenious idea of using his metal shopping trolley. Nasir laid a couple of towels down inside a metal stroller and pushed them down the pavement near the family home in Singapore

Father Nasir bin Mohd was fed up with the cats being stuck inside and wanted them to get some fresh air – without going missing

White Witch Puts Her Incredible 10 Stone Weight Loss Down To Casting SPELLS

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Skye Valuntino after (L) and before (R) weightloss

Transgender Skye Valuntino piled on the pounds while undergoing hormone treatment during her transition to a woman

Man Needs £100K To Grant His Dying Wife’s Last Wish Of Making It To Christmas Day

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Ed Cusick with his wife Nina and son Teddy

Musician Ed Cusick, 40, wants to grant wife Nina’s wish of seeing her 21-month-old son, Teddy, unwrap his presents on December 25th.

Mum Who Makes World’s Ugliest Christmas Jumpers Is Back And Making Hideous Christmas Shoes!

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Deb Rottum wearing one of her designs

Deb Rottum has added shoes, hats and bags to her ‘Ugly Tacky Christmas Sweater Party’ range after the roaring success of previous years.

Young Pole Dancer Who Became The Face Of Organ Donation Dies Aged 27

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Cystic fibrosis sufferer Kirstie Tancock, pictured here aged 21, who has shared her battle with cystic fibrosis

Inspirational Kirstie Tancock, who underwent two double lung transplant operations, passed away at the age of 27 in the early hours of this morning

Hospital Fined £200k Over Faulty Window Which Led To Patient’s Death

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Royal United Hospital in Bath

Mark Scott-Green, 48, managed to force his way through the opening, despite it being restricted by a locked catch.

Vicar Steps In To Let Post Office Open Branch In His Church

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Customers use the Post Office inside St Peter's Church in Whitstable

Around 40,000 residents faced travelling more than a mile to a proper post office after theirs shut

Parents Agony After Two-Year-Old Dies From Sepsis Following Bout Of Chicken Pox

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Parents Rob and Lynette Schonau from Stoke-on-Trent who have spoken of their heartbreak after their two-year-old son died suddenly after having chickenpox

Little Oscar Schonau picked up the contagious illness in October but appeared to be on the road to recovery.

Shocking Moment Travellers Threaten Bailiffs With Wooden Bats During Aggressive Stand-Off

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The bailiffs remain calm and composed while the men, one of whom is carrying a wooden bat, try to intimidate them by throwing insults and threats.

Escaped Rapist Given Muffin & Listened to Music With Students – Before Being Convinced To Hand Himself In

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Escaped convict Admi Headley (L) & Student Tom Phillips

Rapist Admi Headley, 34, was on the run from jail when he collapsed outside the home of Tom Phillips, 22, and Aidan Byrne, 21.

ISIS Salon Forced To Change It’s Name After Receiving Threatening Email From ‘Head Of ISIS’

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Owner Karen Lawrence (l) and beauty therapist Lin Hoblin (r) posing outside Studio No 5 with the old ISIS sign in Writtle, Essex

Married mum-of-three Karen Lawrence, 54, named her salon ISIS after the Egyptian goddess of the sun and moon 16 years ago when she first set it up.

Pub Becomes One Of The First In The UK To Sell Beer Exclusively Brewed For Dogs

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Craig and Hayley Armstrong with Lola the dog

Landlord Craig Armstrong, 52, has taken dog-friendly pubs to another level by stocking a Belgian beverage that is exclusively brewed for pooches.

Fraudster Jailed After Taking £98k Grant To Start New Forest – But Didn’t Plant A Single Tree

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Pritesh Ladwa

Pritesh Ladwa, 29, lived a Champagne lifestyle and has been pictured at glamorous locations around the world on social media.