Dozens Of Schoolboys Turn Up In Skirts To Protest ‘No Shorts’ Policy

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Boys at ISCA College in Exeter, Devon arrive for school wearing skirts after they were banned from wearing short, June 22 2107.

The teens – aged from Years 7 to 11 – formed a mass protest the day after five boys wore skirts on the hottest day of the year.

Motorcyclist Who Killed Boy On His Ninth Birthday Never Served A Day In Prison

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Jamie Leek.

Tragic Jamie Leek ended up trapped under the Suzuki Hayabusa which had slid more than 135 metres down the road on the Greek island of Zante.

Five-Year-Old Needs Desperate Treatment For Rare Ailment As VARICOSE Veins Growing In Her Throat Could Suffocate Her

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Family handout of little five-year old Alice Salvati who has an ultra-rare ailment.

Alice Salvati, aged just five, faces a series of life-saving ops to remove the ‘venous malformations’ on her tongue, neck, cheek and larynx.

Petrolhead Has Designed Britain’s First Jet Powered Mobility Scooter – Which Reaches Speeds Of 126MPH

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Thomas Bagnall, 25, with his rocket propelled mobility scooter, in Cheadle, Staffs

The scooter was built by mechanical engineer Tom Bagnall, 25, at a cost of £3,500.

Builders Turn On Site Dumper Truck Into A Mini Swimming Pool

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Steve Moran, 47 (L), and Alex Williams, 33 (R)

Steve Moran, 47, and Alex Williams, 33, filled up the truck’s massive bucket with water to pour on newly laid concrete to stop it drying too quickly in the searing heat.

Shopper Mortified After Spotting Topless Little Mermaid Swimming Costume For Sale In ASDA

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The childs swimming costume as advertised on the ASDA website.

Chelsee Mosson, 22, said she was disgusted after coming across the x-rated image of Ariel from the Little Mermaid appearing to be nude.

New Scheme Will See Drag Queens Visiting British Schools To Read Stories To Kids In New LGBT Awareness Drive

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Drag queen Yves St. Croissant reads a story to children in a US school as part of the Drag Queen Story Time scheme to teach children about LGBTQ issues.

The project will see men dressed as women visiting kids in class for ‘fun and inclusive’ reading sessions to raise LGBT awareness.

Young Dad Died Of Cancer After Bungling NHS Trust Mix-Up Contact Details

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Daniel Hemmings with son Harry.

Daniel Hemmings died at the age of 27 from soft tissue cancer after a series of mix ups which meant he only got treatment “when it was simply too late”.

Teen Drowns After Cooling off During Heatwave While Swimming In A Lake With Pals

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Tributes at the lake in Pelsall, West Midlands, where a teenager named locally as Spencer Hurst drowned

Rescue crews, including four ambulances, an air ambulance, police and fire engines, dashed to the scene

RSPCA Rescue Goose Trapped In A Bright Red Thong!

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A bird tangled in a thong had to be rescued from a south London pond.

The RSPCA were called to the tiny Prickend Pond after a goose was spotted with red knickers wrapped around its feet and body.

WATCH – Awesome Video Of 70-Year-Old Elephant Taking First Ever Steps Without Chains After Being Rescued

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70 year old tusker Gajraj taking with first steps of freedom at the Wildlife SOS ECCC, Mathura.

Gajraj has been a ‘temple elephant’ for most his life and was suffering foot and hip abscesses, sore foot pads and partial blindness when he was found by a charity.

Syrian Refugee Family Now Living In The UK Reveal How They Paid £45 To Smuggle Their Baby Over The Border In A Suitcase

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Zak Al Halak, 34, his wife Ghaliya, 25, and their three children Amneh, 5, Omar, 3, and Zineddine, 1.

Zak Al Halak, 34, his wife Ghaliya, 25, and their three children Amneh, five, Omar, three, and Zineddine, one, are just one of 15 Syrian families who have found refuge in the UK last year.

Is This Britain’s Smallest Puppy? – Tiny Tim Was Born Smaller Than A Can Of Irn Bru

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Tim, the Yorkshire terrier, with his sister Winnie who like Tim is also seven weeks old. Tim the pup is one of the smallest puppies in Britain.

Seven-week-old Yorkshire terrier pup Tim was born lifeless and not breathing and owner Andrea Mcgowan, 42, battled to revive the pooch by rubbing him with a towel.

Family Left Baffled After Their Cat Made An 80 Mile Round Trip To The Vets After Getting Injured

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Keiron and Suzanne Hames' cat Sooty.

Wandering Sooty somehow made his way across two counties before returning home – all within 24 hours.

Pupil Sent Home From School After Refusing To Don Black Blazer In Scorching 30C Heat

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Reece Wolfe 12 has been excluded from Kingswood Academy, Hull for one and a half days for not replacing his jacket inside the school when asked by a teacher.

Reece Wolfe, 12, was handed a “fixed-term” exclusion by teachers just minutes after starting the school day, along with two other pupils.

Adorable Harvest Mice Strike A Pose Running Up Shoots Of Straw

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Harvest mouse pictures taken by Dean Mason.

The miniature mammals bodies measure just an inch-and-a-half long and are usually impossible to spot in the wild.

Fox Spotted Soaking Up The Rays On A Sunbed On The Hottest Day Of The Year

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A fox was spotted catching some rays this weekend when it jumped onto a sunbed just metres from a man's back door.

Martin Besserman snapped the cheeky animal relaxing when he went to use his sunbed only to find he had been beaten to it by the ginger animal.