Prince Harry’s Comrade Says Winning Mr England Would Be ‘Massive’ For The Army

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Lance Corporal Joyde Wilson, 24 who is competing to be Mr England.

Lance Corporal Joyde Wilson, 24, hopes dozens of his workmates will cheer him on to win in the final of the UK’s biggest modelling competition later this year.

Postman Hailed A Hero For Saving Elderly Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Having A Heart Attack

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Jeff Cooper, postman with Margaret Rhone who had a heart attack and Jeff informed the emergency services.

Jeff Cooper had been making a delivery to Margaret Rhone’s home when he heard her dogs barking incessantly and became concerned.

Mother Of 15-Year-Old Terror Attack Victim has Bee Tattoo Branded Across her Heart

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Jeff Roddy of Skin City Tattoo inks Charlotte Campbell, mother of Olivia Campbell-Hardy who was killed in the Manchester bombing. .

Tragic Olivia, 15, was one of 22 people killed in the nail bomb massacre at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday.

Mum Pleads For Help After Both Identical Twins Are Diagnosed With Life Threatening Conditions

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Grace and Lilly are being treated at Royal Bristol Children's Hospital.

Heartbroken Leisa Foley is now desperate to get her tots christened after being told daughters Grace and Lilly Jeffery have dilated cardiomyopathy.

Lesbian Couple Told They Might Never Have Kids Celebrate The Arrival – Of TRIPLETS

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Five-week-old triplets, Bobby Nancy and Maggie Taylor Stevenson pictured at home in Ilkeston.

Megan Taylor, 28, and Joy Stevenson, 48, were left overjoyed after Maggie, Nancy and Bobby were born five years after they started trying for kids.

Baby Born Three Months Early Finally Allowed Home After Being Kept Alive In A ‘Sandwich Bag’

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A baby born three months early is now healthy after being kept alive by with the help of a 'sandwich bag'.

Harrison Smith was born with breathing problems and a bleed on his brain after mum Lynne Smith went into labour at 29 weeks.

Anorexic Who Survived On One Bag Of Crisps A Day Life Saved After Taking Up Pole Dancing

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Amber Harkin as she currently looks today during her pole dancing lesson. See SWNS story SWPOLE; An anorexic who nearly died after she got to the point where she ate only a single packet of crisps a DAY said her life was saved -- by pole dancing. Amber Harkin, 26, was just 14 years old when she began struggling with issues with her body, before eventually being diagnosed with anorexia in 2014. Despite psychological treatment her weight plummeted to just FIVE stone and she eventually stopped eating altogether. Eventually doctors told her devastated parents she was "beyond recovery" and "wasn't going to make it" and she was discharged home, too weak to even walk. But Amber was saved when she saw an advert on Facebook for pole dancing lessons - coincidentally taught by a qualified cognitive behaviour therapist.

Amber Harkin, 26, was just 14 when she began struggling with issues with her body, before eventually being diagnosed with anorexia in 2014.

NHS Tell Widow To DUMP Expensive Leftover Medical Equipment After Partner Dies

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A widow has blasted the NHS after health bosses told her to dump hundreds of pounds worth of leftover medical equipment at the TIP following her partner's death.

Marion Slater, 69, was gobsmacked when the NHS refused to take away the expensive medical devices – telling her they were now her responsibility.

Angry Parents Hit Back After Whole Street Is Branded Anti-Social For Letting Children Play Outside In The Evening

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The children of North Weald Gardens who have been warned about their anti social behaviour.

Residents on North Weald Gardens have been told they could be evicted if they don’t stop congregating in the road and ordered to supervise their noisy kids.

Pretty Little Thing Slammed For Tiny Crop Top Which Women Can’t Get Over Their HEADS

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Olivia Skuce, 21 trying to get her top over her head.

Olivia Skuce, 21, bought the £12 top from Pretty Little Things but struggled to get it on after it was delivered to her home.

Britain’s Most Hopeless Romantic Is Still Single, Despite Penning The World’s Longest LOVE POEM

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Rajinder Tumber who has written the worlds longest love poem - but is still single.

Rajinder Tumber, 34, has beaten the world record for his ode to a woman, but says it “wasn’t for anyone in particular”.

Bodybuilder Who Wanted Tattoo Cover Up Got Hooked And Ended Up With £5k Body Suit

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Bodybuilder Ray Houghton who got hooked on ink and got his whole body covered in tattoos in one year.

Ray Houghton, 59, has been a fitness fanatic since he was a boy, but was reluctant to show off his impressive muscles thanks to eight hodge-podge “embarrassing” tattoos.

Generous Strangers Raise Over £2,000 For Homeless Man In Just 48 Hrs After Belongings Where Stolen

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Generous Bob Barnes and homeless man 'Steve'.

The public answered an appeal launched by law firm manager Bob Barnes who befriended the rough sleeper, known only as ‘Steve’

Recovering Anorexic Turned Down For NHS Treatment After Being Deemed ‘Too Fat’

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Hanna Brown, 26 at her home in Langford Bedfordshire

Hannah Brown, 26, has previously battled the eating disorder twice and so spotted the signs it had returned earlier this year.

Teacher Risks Job And BANS ‘Ridiculous’ SATS Tests For ‘Sake Of Pupils’

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Jill Wood, Headteacher at Little London Community Primary School, Leeds, has put her job on the line after refusing to run SATS for their year 6 pupils due to the unnecessary stress the test causes children.

Jill Wood said she was willing to put her job on the line to fight the controversial national curriculum tests

Quick ways to get your garden BBQ ready

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Pic Credit - Pexels

British summertime; to say it can be difficult to predict when the sun is going to make an appearance would be an understatement. One minute you can be caught in the midst of a downpour of biblical proportions, the next it can be cracking the flags – so we need to make sure we’re ready…

Gran Who Suffered Heart Attack At Job Centre Was Too Scared To Leave As She Feared Losing Benefits

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Salena Hannah pictured with her grandson Josh Greenough.

Salena Hannah, 50, started suffering chest pains during an appointment and asked if she could be excused to see a doctor.