Black Woman Slowly Turning White Due To Ultra-Rare Side Effect From Life-Saving Cancer Drug

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Paula Edwards, of Leicester, diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012, who's treatment has lightened her skin tone, and make her lose her identity

Paula Edwards, 54, was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer in 2012 and was initially given 12 to 18 months to live.

WATCH! – Terrifying Moment Door Flies Off Moving Car Into Path Of Fellow Motorists

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This video shows the terrifying moment a DOOR flies off a moving car into the path of fellow motorists.

A shocked couple captured the footage on a dashcam as the wooden door flew straight into oncoming traffic on a busy dual carriageway.

Eight Week Old Baby Dies After Doctor Turns Parents Away From Hospital And Tells Them ‘Come Back Tomorrow’

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Felicity George.

Tragic Felicity George turned blue and stopped breathing the morning after her mum Emma, 24, was “fobbed off” by a “patronising” doctor on May 28.

Couple Renewed Vows In Same Sex Ceremony 21 Years After Getting Married – As MAN And Wife

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Kristiana Taylor(L) walking down the isle with Denise(R).

Denise and Kristiana Taylor both wore dresses this time round after Kristiana, previously Stephen, had a sex swap op.

WATCH – Large Group Of Youths Swarming Busy Roads On Bikes As Part Of Dangerous New Craze

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The group of yobs caused havoc by riding in the middle of the road at around 5mph – slowing down traffic and banging on car windows

‘Penguincam’ Shows Doctor Dolittle Was Right – Penguins Do ‘Talk’ To Each Other

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Penguins with video cameras strapped to their backs off the coast of Antarctica.

Scientists managed to obtain 80 hours of remarkable recordings showing the ‘functional role’ of their sounds as they foraged in the sea.

Couple Get Engaged In Front Of 40,000 People After Proposal Was Streamed Live – On FACEBOOK

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Video grab of the moment a couple got engaged in front of 40,000 people after the proposal was filmed live - on FACEBOOK.

Romantic Harry Winter, 26, decided to pop the question to long-term girlfriend Lauren Philips at their favourite holiday spot.

Tropical Catfish Usually Found In Amazon Basin Has Been Discovered In A Black Country Canal

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The South American leopard pleco, also known as Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps, amazingly survived despite being dumped in chilly waters in Walsall, West Mids.

HELP MEOWT! Rail Worker Rescues Adventurous Kitten – Which Became Trapped Beneath Live Track

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Footage shows the terrified moggy cowering below the metal rails, which are charged with 625 volts.

Little Girl Left With Bloodied Face On Her First Day Of School Following Ticket Row With Bus Driver

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Victoria Rose Alton, 4, after she fell from a bus landing on her face.

Victoria Rose Alton’s mum claims a driver slammed the door shut, trapping the four-year-old’s ankle which caused her to fall onto her face.

‘Scarred For Life’: Seven-Year-Old Girl Left With Full Arm Chemical Burns After Getting Black Henna Tattoo On Holiday

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Madison Gulliver in hospital.

Madison Gulliver was on a family break to a plush hotel in Hurghada, in Egypt when her dad Martin Gulliver, 50, treated her to get the design at the in-house salon.

Great-Gran Celebrating 107th Birthday Puts Longevity Down To Guzzling A DAILY Glass Of WHISKY

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Kathleen Travis has recently celebrated her 106th birthday.

Sprightly Kay Travis says the key to living is long is to have a tipple of scotch every day – because she “believes it’s good medicine”.

Young Mum Who Almost Lost Leg In 20-Minute Savaging By Dog Claims Pain Was ‘Worse Than Labour’

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Abbie Atkinson's leg injuries after being attacked by a dog.

Abbie Atkinson, a mum-of-two, says she was lucky not to lose her right leg after an American bulldog clamped its jaws on to her.

Six-Year-Old Autistic Boy Buys Hundreds Of Kinder Eggs In Search Of ONE Special Toy

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A six-year-old boy has bought hundreds of Kinder Eggs in a desperate bid - to find just ONE special toy.

Little Jayden Lakey is so keen to get his hands on the plastic shark his parents have spent a fortune on the chocolate treat during an epic eight MONTH quest.

Hindu And Jewish Women Marry In Britain’s First Interfaith Lesbian Wedding

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Kalavati Mistry and Miriam Jefferson

Kalavati Mistry and Miriam Jefferson married 20 years after falling for each other on a training course

QUEASY JET! – Man Gets Flight Sandwich Ten YEARS Out Of Date

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The 'old' sandwich.

Shocked Adrian Bell, 59, was returning to the UK from a holiday in Zante with his wife, Lindsey, 42, when he purchased the cheese toastie.

23st Woman Driven To Depression By Vicious Bullying Campaign Loses Half Her Bodyweight

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Hope Desroches, 36 before her weight loss.

Morbidly obese Hope Desroches, 36, was cruelly taunted by “athletic barbies” in her teens who threw rubbish at her and screamed “fat cow” whenever she walked past.